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Proven Results

Decrease time-to-value by 31%.

GuideCX® keeps customers happy. It all starts with a seamless onboarding process that keeps your customers in the loop, your teams on top of tasks, and expectations managed.

Proven Results

Find out why the SaaS industry is turning to GuideCX.

With hundreds of successful SaaS implementations under our belt, we have unique insights into your customers’ needs, what works, and how to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Key Takeaway

For SaasOptics, we significantly reduced churn by managing expectations and increasing customer satisfaction.

“GuideCX allows us to take what our best implementation specialists are doing and duplicate that across our whole Customer Success team. The result; a more engaging, predictable, and streamlined customer experience. Net Promoter Scores have sky-rocketed.”

Chad Estes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GuideCX’s experience helping SaaS companies?
  • Poor implementation experiences are the number one reason for churn in the SaaS industry. Our software is designed specifically to improve the customer experience and reduce churn.
  • We have completed more than 7,000 product installs in this space.
  • Across all industries, we have over 10,000 product installs under our belt.
How can this help my SaaS company improve?
  • By automating the implementation process and connecting it to workflow and customer engagement processes, GuideCX has decreased time-to-value for SaaS clients by an average of 31%.
How can this help me improve customer engagement?
  • Our software provides your customers with insight into project management and workflow processes so they know what to expect and when to expect it. Managing expectations is key to customer satisfaction and long-term engagement.
  • You can build personalized, ongoing communication into an automated process, ensuring that your customers are never left out of the loop.
What type of results can I expect?
  • On average, we reduce implementation time by 30%.
  • Using GuideCX automation to increase team accountability increases average on-time delivery to over 90%.
  • Our software significantly reduces churn by managing expectations and increasing customer satisfaction.

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