Automated hand-holding that leads to success.

Every step in your process is an opportunity to either win or lose a customer.

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Managing Expectations
When customers don’t know what to expect, when to expect it, or what to do next, you put your rate of success at risk.
Proven Results
With over 10,000 product and process installs under our belt, we have learned a few things.

On average, we reduce “go-time” by nearly 30%.

Keeping customers in the loop improves satisfaction and outcomes.
When team members are accountable to just one person, the average on-time delivery rate is just 61%. By increasing that to five people, average on-time delivery jumps to over 90%.
Team members prefer knowing what’s expected and when it’s due.

Project managers prefer to automate repetitive processes, including scheduling meetings, sending emails, and requesting customer input.

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