With the onset of cloud-based project management tools, the pressure to attract and retain valued customers through efficient onboarding processes is more important than ever. 

Experts estimate over 90 percent of customers feel companies have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to client onboarding. Over half (63 percent) of customers say that onboarding is an important factor when considering a new product or service. Onboarding, as in the level of support they’re likely to receive post-sale.

First impressions mean the difference between successful client onboarding and customer churn. Companies need an automated system that delivers measurable value to the customers, offers easy-to-use features, and provides a comprehensive overview of project status versus completion date. 

With the help of G2 research, we compared two leading project management systems: GUIDEcx and TaskRay. The contrasting features of each cloud-based automated system pertain to general task management, project management, and external sharing capabilities. Here is what we learned. 

Project Templates and Management Tabs

Both applications offer customizable project templates and an option to build repeatable tasks for quicker task management. GUIDEcx and TaskRay use a color coding system to organize projects. Both applications also use tabs to organize and track a project’s life cycle. 

GUIDEcx shares the customizable access tools with TaskRay. GUIDEcx also displays a time-to-value project progress bar as a visual tool for stakeholders. This makes it easy to follow the onboarding status targeted to the completion date.

Taskray dashboard view

 Document Management

Unlike TaskRay, GUIDEcx can attach documents and create electronic forms within the application to share. It pulls project data and automatically sends a weekly email to the customer with project updates. 

Creation and Assignment: GuideCX ranks 9/4 with 21 responses. Taskray rates 8.8 with 8 responses.

Advantage: GUIDEcx

Between project templates, document attachments and creation, and automated weekly emails with task updates; GUIDEcx excels in task creation and assignment. 

Branded Differently 

Both GUIDEcx and TaskRay offer a collaborative overview of tasks, updates, calendar timelines, external sharing, general workflow status, and team member tasks. The automated platforms also provide easy stakeholder access to overall project management status. 

Although the general onboarding functions are similar, GUIDEcx markets itself as a client onboarding solution. TaskRay is a Salesforce AppExchange App, Bug Tracking, Customer Success, Resource Management, and Work Management system. Since TaskRay is built natively on the Salesforce platform, this may impact customers who don’t use Salesforce CRM––particularly smaller businesses. 

 Drag and Drop 

Because TaskRay is an application extension for the Salesforce CRM platform, it offers drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to navigate and update tasks. Meanwhile, GUIDEcx is a drag and drop application that enables users to update and navigate open tasks on screen. 

Drag and Drop: GuideCX ranks 8.7 with 20 responses. Taskray ranks 9.6 with 8 responses.

Advantage: TaskRay

Both systems offer drag and drop functionality, which is appealing when integrating with Salesforce.

Gantt and Agile Board Views 

Both systems offer Gantt and Agile board views to better visualize the process of scheduling, managing, and monitoring specific tasks. These board views break down tasks on a project timeline that marks scheduled and completed work in phases on the project’s timeline. 

Project managers can also customize the Kanban board to easily navigate between personal work, team tasks, and control field-level permissions to prevent overloading the customer with redundant internal team tasks. 

Time Tracking 

Both applications offer flexibility in tracking time for better task visibility. Users can either utilize the timer for real-time tracking or can input time spent on tasks. In turn, the project manager can easily monitor time spent on project tasks and identify areas where more resources may be needed to keep the project on track.  

External Sharing

Since TaskRay is built on the Salesforce platform, project managers use Chatter for their external outreach. By contrast, GUIDEcx implements the apps your customer prefers, such as Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, or any other preferred app, for correspondence and collaboration. And with GUIDEcx, users can easily access and update task status via email inbox, a mobile device or through desktop. 

With GUIDEcx, when a task is updated or a new task is created, the app will automatically send an email notifying the team member of the current task status thus allowing that team member to update the task from anywhere. GUIDEcx users can also attach pertinent documents or create an electronic form to attach to emails for seamless and efficient communication. 

End User Experience

A login is not required for GUIDEcx users, and stakeholders can use the self-service portal to access and update tasks. A key time-saving feature on the GUIDEcx platform allows the project manager to check on task status or alert the team of new tasks by using email, the mobile app and desktop. 

Another unique GUIDEcx feature is the white list domain for emails and a white label customer portal. The GUIDEcx developers recognize that your new client wants to do business with YOU. By adding your logo to the project overview board and email correspondence, your customers won’t get lost in the brand shuffle. 

Ease of Setup: GuideCX ranks 9.0 with 43 responses. Taskray ranks 7.6 with 56 responses.
Ease of Admin: GuideCX ranks 9.4 with 42 responses. Taskray ranks 8.2 with 59 responses.


Advantage: GUIDEcx

GUIDEcx was designed with the customer in mind. With features like mobile access, easy task updates via your email inbox, and no login required, GUIDEcx is out-of-the-box easy to set up and operate. 

Pricing, Free Trials, and Demos

GUIDEcx offers a demo and a 14-day free trial. They also have three pricing packages: Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. These packages offer unlimited collaborators and guests for the most effective collaboration between your team and clients possible. 

  • Professional includes a customer-facing portal and whitelist options in addition to private internal communication.
  • Premium, the most popular package, includes third-party integrations. It allows for basic time tracking and resource management.
  • Enterprise includes advanced time tracking, resource management, unlimited contributors and guests, and custom options for use. Like the other two packages, all internal, external, and third-party contributors are included. 

For additional pricing information, they encourage you to talk with their sales team.

TaskRay also offers a free trial with fees based on a tiered system; the starter package costs $25 per month, the standard package, for 10 or more users, totals $40 per month, and the fees for a Premium package (25 or more users) is $60 per month. 

Both applications are excellent at basic project management tasks. Let’s summarize the similar features of GUIDEcx and TaskRay.

  • Collaborative Capabilities
  • Customized Templates 
  • Kanban Board Task Access
  • Cost-to-Completion Tracking
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Gantt/Agile Viewing
  • Milestone Task Tracking

However, some differential features of the GUIDEcx system include:

  • Self-Service Customer Portal
  • Electronic Forms 
  • Document Management
  • Compatible with Applications Other than Salesforce
  • No Login Required
  • Application is Accessible via Email, Mobile, and Desktop
Ease of Use: GuideCX ranks 9.2 with 58 responses. TaskRay ranks 8.5 with 84 responses.

Advantage: GUIDEcx

Overall, GUIDEcx offers a system that is easy to use, compatible with any level of computer literacy, and includes access to stellar customer service support and training management. 

If you need a client onboarding system that helps your team align with the client’s goals and expectations by working with a client’s workflow process rather than requiring them to adapt to a new one, GUIDEcx is a better choice.

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