74% of consumers are likely to buy based on experience alone. And more customers are looking at the quality of customer support while deciding on a company than ever before.

Nowadays, the client experience is absolutely essential to driving profits and running a successful business. Without an excellent relationship with your clients, you’ll have difficulty standing out from the crowd, retaining customers, and marketing to new ones.

The first step to establishing a great customer experience is to streamline the onboarding process. A first impression sets the tone for the rest of your relationship and will continue to bleed into the rest of your processes and workflows. The smoother your onboarding is, the better you can simplify the rest of your procedures to ensure that your clients enjoy working with you—every step of the way.

If you’re looking for client onboarding software to help create that amazing experience, you may have heard of Tallyfy and GUIDEcx. We’re diving into the difference between GUIDEcx and Tallyfy so you can make the best decision for your organization and clients. 


G2 offers easy side-by-side comparisons of some of the most popular onboarding tools on the market, including GUIDEcx and Tallyfy. Using consistently updated preference data from verified user reviews, G2 ratings always reflect the most recent results so that you can make the best decision for your organization. According to the most recent ratings on G2, Tallyfy rates 5/5 stars with only one review, while GUIDEcx rates 4.7/5 stars with 116 reviews.

Because Tallyfy only has one review, it is more challenging to compare the two platforms. As you can see below, there is not enough data available for any of the subcategories under the Ratings section. On the other hand, GUIDEcx rates highly in every category. 

Advantage: GUIDEcx

Different Categories

While GUIDEcx and Tallyfy are both categorized as Client Onboarding and Workflow Management tools, Tallyfy focuses almost exclusively on streamlining workflows. On the other hand, GUIDEcx also provides capabilities for project, task, and product management on top of largely focusing on the client onboarding process.

Whether you’re focused on streamlining your client onboarding or looking for a software that will offer additional proficiencies like workflow management and project management, GUIDEcx has you covered.

Advantage: GUIDEcx


G2 offers a breakdown of GUIDEcx and Tallyfy’s features; however, Tallyfy also does not have sufficient data for the features category ratings, so it will be more valuable to look at a breakdown of the two platforms’ offerings.

Tallyfy focuses on eliminating flowcharts and enabling your team to track recurring processes more easily by helping you ensure that people complete certain tasks—such as onboarding, financial approvals, and compliance checks—consistently and on time. GUIDEcx offers additional features for streamlining your onboarding, product, project, and workflow processes that allow for easier collaboration between team members and your clients.

GUIDEcx and Tallyfy share the following features: 

  • Onboarding/training provided
  • Time tracking
  • White labels
  • Magic/secure links
  • Templates
  • Dependencies
  • Forecasted end dates
  • SOC 2 compliance

GUIDEcx also offers the following capabilities:

  • Designated CSM
  • A login-less experience
  • Mobile app
  • Resource management
  • Customizable updates via email
  • Customizable views
  • Internal vs. external task creation
  • Unlimited contributors and guests

As you can see, both platforms offer similar baseline features for workflow management and client onboarding. GUIDEcx builds upon these to offer a more customized experience for you and your team. 

Advantage: GUIDEcx


Although you may be searching for a new software to implement at your organization, that doesn’t mean you want to scrap your other tools. Luckily, many platforms allow for easy integrations so that you don’t have to compromise any of your favorite applications. 

Both GUIDEcx and Tallyfy offer integrations with your favorite tools like Slack and Zapier. Zapier provides the opportunity to integrate with thousands of additional apps that are not already offered by these two solutions. On top of that, they also both have APIs that allow you to seamlessly use them along with the rest of your technology. You don’t have to worry about switching between tools with these easy integrations.

Advantage: Tie 

Free Trials and Pricing

You don’t have to commit blindly, because GUIDEcx offers a free 14-day trial and demo. After the two-week trial, they offer three pricing packages, each of which includes the first four packages: Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. These packages also offer unlimited collaborators and guests for the most effective collaboration possible. 

  • Professional includes a customer-facing portal and whitelist options in addition to private internal communication.
  • Premium, the most popular package, includes third-party integrations. It allows for basic time tracking and resource management.
  • Enterprise includes advanced time tracking, resource management, unlimited contributors and guests, and custom options for use. Like the other two packages, all internal, external, and third-party contributors are included.

For pricing information, GUIDEcx encourages all interested parties to reach out to their sales team.

Tallyfy does not offer a free trial, but if you pay annually, you get two months for free. Otherwise, there are three available payment packages: Tallyfy docs, Tallyfy basic, and Tallyfy pro.

  • Tallyfy docs: This package is the simplest of the three and offers training in one place. Priced at $5 per member per month, it allows you to document SOPs, automate updates, and measure engagement. You must have a minimum of 10 members to use this plan. 
  • Tallyfy basic: At $15 per member per month, this option allows you to further automate and track tasks, processes, and customer experiences. It includes everything in docs plus more options for automation. You must pay for a minimum of eight members for this plan.
  • Tallyfy pro: As the most advanced and expensive option, Tallyfy pro is priced at $30 per member per month and allows you to automate decisions past the basic plan. It includes custom branding, smart views, and “if this then that” rules. You must pay for a minimum of four members for this plan.

Because GUIDEcx only charges you for the administrators and project managers, providers don’t need to worry about the additional cost of adding collaborators to take full advantage of the platform. 

Advantage: GUIDEcx

GUIDEcx and Tallyfy are both excellent options for improving the client onboarding experience and managing your workflows. However, if you’re looking for a client onboarding platform that also provides great options for product, task, and project management, GUIDEcx is the perfect solution for you. The platform will increase your time to value and allow you to communicate with your customers more easily and positively than ever before.

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