How GuideCX Founder and CEO Peter Ord Raised $2M Capital (Podcast)
By Garrett O'Brien
Dec 29, 2019
peter ord podcast

Peter Ord joins the Get Funded, Stay Funded podcast by SaaSOptics. Peter shares his story leaving his job and founding GuideCX (formerly Beynd):

  1. Being a first time founder, how Peter learned to navigate the waters of raising capital? Where to look who to turn to? Did he have mentors that helped him along the way?
  2. How many investors did he need to speak with before choosing the right one?
  3. What signs in their business told GuideCX was ready for a seed round?
  4. What is in store next for GuideCX?
  5. Anything Peter would do differently looking back

Listen below or head over to the Get Funded, Stay Funded site.

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