GuideCX Welcomes Sid Ewing as Head of Marketing

By Belle Ferro
Jul 8, 2021

To continue its mission to become the nation’s premier SaaS client onboarding platform, GuideCX® is growing its employee roster with the addition of Sid Ewing as head of marketing.


Ewing has a top-notch resume of marketing expertise, including a five-year stint at Gartner. He will serve as GuideCX’s branding specialist, widening the company’s reach and deepening the overall customer experience. Ewing was previously the vice president of marketing at SimpleNexus, an SaaS mortgage platform, focusing on lead generation. Notably, Ewing also began his career as the very first web developer for the specialty outdoor retailer

Ewing was drawn to GuideCX after his own experiences of painfully trying to start customer projects with outdated technology. He shares CEO Peter Ord’s grander vision of the benefit that the SaaS client onboarding platform provides.


“We have all the pieces; we just need to put them together and open the vision to GuideCX,” Ewing said. “Every company that sells software should be using this amazing product. Speaking with Peter, he has this vision of what GuideCX solves and what it does for the tech world, really caring about people and their processes.”

“Sid’s proven track record in marketing combined with his passion for our product makes him the perfect asset to the GuideCX team,” Ord said. “He understands our goals and has the expertise and relationships to help us reach them. With Sid on our side, we have no doubt that GuideCX will become the go-to client platform for businesses everywhere.”

In his new role, Ewing brings a vast knowledge of digital technology and development. He sees the extraordinary value in fostering relationships with the GuideCX sales team, working hand-in-hand to benefit one another. Additionally, Ewing brings with him traits learned from his father: a hard work ethic and the yearning to always do more, which have been vital to his success.

“Instead of a ‘client onboarding software,’ I want people to recognize GuideCX as the ‘client onboarding solution,’” Ewing said. “Tools get used, but we provide a customer experience solution, and I want to elevate the brand to the respect that it deserves.”

A native of Park City, Utah, Ewing now resides in the picturesque town of Moab. He lives with his wife, Rebekah, and their seven children. A true outdoorsman, his favorite hobbies include camping, hiking, fishing, and canyoneering.


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