Maximize Your Customer Onboarding Efficiency

Have you heard? The business theme for 2023 is improving company efficiency and ensuring your company can do more with less. The current economic climate demands that companies re-examine budgets and tighten resources to increase business efficiency. But how?

Well, one of the best ways for companies to improve overall efficiency is to improve the customer onboarding process. Customer onboarding is crucial and can help reduce annual churn by 30% when done well. 

Keep reading to learn about business efficiency and how a customer onboarding solution can be your secret weapon to keeping customers happy, maximizing value, and managing resources more effectively. 

What is Business Efficiency?

Business efficiency describes how effectively a company produces output (products, services, and revenue) in relation to the input required to produce it. In other words, it’s about making the best possible use of company resources — including how your people manage their time. That’s where the right onboarding technology comes in and why onboarding experts like GUIDEcx can help you streamline customer onboarding workflows through a better customer onboarding process.

In case you see the word “effectiveness used in this context, know that it’s not quite the same thing as efficiency — an inefficient onboarding processes might still be effective in the long run. But maximized onboarding efficiency will get you the same result for less time and money — an invaluable way to separate yourself from the competition.

5 Most Common Types of Company Onboarding Inefficiency

You can quantify the efficiency of your onboarding process in various ways.

Let’s look at some metrics you can use to improve and reduce wasted resources in your customer onboarding process.

1. Financial Efficiency

Financial efficiency measures how well a business converts operations into profits or uses its assets to generate income. It also looks at overall profitability, standard measures include accounts receivable, fixed assets, and inventory turnover.

2. Labor Productivity

Labor productivity measures the output by your human resources—your employees—in one hour of work. It’s heavily influenced by the equipment used, so it’s worth investing in the best customer onboarding solutions to keep workers happy and productive.

3. Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency refers to the efficiency of core business processes, such as onboarding new customers. You might outsource to reduce onsite costs or bring things in-house for complete control. Customer onboarding software can help improve operational efficiency by automating routine tasks which gives your people time to focus on high-value activities.

4. Process Efficiency

By assessing the efficiency of internal processes, you can see what’s working and what isn’t and optimize accordingly.

5. Return on Investment (ROI)

You can also measure customer onboarding efficiency by evaluating the return on your investments. For example, if your company uses a customer onboarding solution, how quickly does your customer see value and start paying for your products and services? How much time have your teams saved that they can repurpose for other business activities? If your onboarding process is shorter, you’ll realize more revenue faster, offsetting the cost of the software or the people teams that onboard and implement.

Customer Onboarding Is One of The Best Secrets to Business Efficiency

If you’re wondering where to start with customer onboarding efficiency, don’t panic! Use the measurements above to get a baseline of your current customer onboarding efficiency. You can also look at customer onboarding data to see areas for improvement.

One giant step in the right direction: make sure you have the best technology for every aspect of your customer onboarding. This includes anything needed to enhance, improve or automate aspects of your current customer onboarding process. It can be a huge help to put some (or all) of these functions within the same platform to reduce time toggling between apps.

For example, a customer onboarding solution like GUIDEcx allows you to manage all onboarding tasks, house all onboarding communication (internal and external) in one place, and see key reporting and insights about your process.

How Do Customer Onboarding Solutions Help Onboarding Efficiency?

Onboarding Speed

Each customer onboarding or implementation project gets completed faster

A true customer onboarding solution allows your customers to clearly see and update task statuses to indicate if they’re done, stuck, or working on a task — all without logging in or charging you for each customer license. For example, with GUIDEcx, tasks can be updated right from the automated task emails. By streamlining and simplifying the way that customers engage with their task assignments, you’ll encourage them to do their part during the onboarding process.

Customers get value from your products and services faster

If you’ve ever purchased something, you know the worst part is waiting until it arrives and you can use it. Your customers don’t want to wait too long before your product or service is usable either. 

A customer onboarding solution will accelerate the time to value (TTV) for your customers. In other words, the time between their purchase and when they see value shrinks, making for much happier customers. And since companies often don’t start charging customers until they’ve been onboarded and set up, faster TTV for your customers, means you start billing faster and realize more total revenue over the life of each customer.

Teams manage more projects simultaneously

An onboarding solution can help your onboarding and implementation teams manage more projects, boosting team member capacity three or four times over. Where one project manager might’ve only had capacity to handle 10 implementations a month, they’d now be able to handle 30. This saves the company money on hiring and overhead, while empowering project managers to deliver the same level of quality and service with less effort.


Accurately communicate onboarding end dates and spot risks at a glance

A best-in-class customer onboarding solution will also share reports, forecasted end dates, and potential risks at a glance so your teams never have to guess where their attention is needed most. With the status of every project available in one place, teams save time and onboard faster because they never have to hunt through emails or wonder if tasks have been completed.

Clear roles on all onboarding tasks

Without clearly assigned roles and tasks, nothing will get done, onboarding stalls, and customers get frustrated — even if they’re the bottleneck. An onboarding solution that allows you to assign owners to each task with clear due dates is essential. Better yet — a customer onboarding tool like GUIDEcx can give key stakeholders on the customer side viewing access so they can nudge their own team members when they aren’t completing tasks.

Manage and mitigate risks in real-time

When customers get stuck, how do your teams typically find out? If you’re still exchanging emails back and forth, you’re losing hours every day. A customer onboarding solution should allow customers to note the status change reason and indicate why they’re stuck on a project. This way, your internal teams can see delays and risks at a glance and offer solutions without fielding phone calls or exchanging dozens of emails. 

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Customer Onboarding Efficiency Stories

“If time kills all deals, then time can also kill your implementations. We’ve dramatically reduced our overall duration for our customer implementations, allowing our customers to improve their time to value.”

Chad E.

Head of Customer Success

“Implementations can be hard, especially with highly complex software like the ones we sell. We are more efficient, but also more effective by using GUIDEcx.

Diogo M.


“GUIDEcx is the best tool for onboarding/implementation teams. It allows us to have a templated onboarding across our different onboarding packages. New team members ramp up quicker, and existing team members have more automation to keep them on track. We can ensure that the onboarding experience is the same across our entire customer base.”

Cason G.

Global VP, Implementation


The team at MaidCentral envisioned a time-saving onboarding process that anyone could follow —regardless of their savviness with technology. They needed a replacement solution with the ability to automate communication so more time could be spent finding new clients.  

 GUIDEcx was the answer MaidCentral was looking for. Read the full MaidCentral case study.