Kount Increases Capacity of Implementation Managers by 40%

Prior to using GUIDEcx, Kount’s implementation managers could balance roughly 10 to 12 integrations at once. Since implementing GUIDEcx, Kount’s managers have averaged 17 to 20 a month. That’s a whopping 40 percent increase in capacity! Read the case study to learn how Kount achieved these results.

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Customer Onboarding

With our customer-facing onboarding portal, customers, clients, and third parties have a space to coexist and communicate.

Build trust and awareness by white-labeling GUIDEcx to fit your company’s brand. You’ll get all the professional credit.

Project Management

Customers don’t need to know all of the behind-the-scenes work. If there are internal processes that you want to keep private, you can manage customer visibility settings.

Assign tasks to customers, internal team members, and third parties to make sure the right people get the right tasks done at the right time.

Project Plan

Task Management

With GUIDEcx’s Intelligent Forecasting Algorithm, you can predict revenue on hold, see what client onboarding projects can be brought forward for end-of-month or quarter deadlines, and more.