API Integrations

We are all about making life simple, easy, and automated.

Simple, Easy, Automated

This is why our software integrates with other APIs in order to customize your experience in a way that makes the most sense for you and your organization


Ever wanted to transition automatically from the sales process to the implementation phase for a customer? Now you can. Salesforce integration allows you to create an onboarding and implementation project automatically in GuideCX when you mark Opportunities as Closed or Won. In seconds, our managed package creates a custom object in Salesforce linking all the details about your projects, tasks, attachments, and notes in GuideCX to the right Opportunity in Salesforce, keeping all reporting in one place.

Tired of clunky, slow handoffs from your sales team to your implementation team? Integrate GuideCX with HubSpot and automatically create implementation projects in GuideCX when you mark a Deal as Closed or Won in HubSpot. Keep information synced between the two platforms and get to value faster.

Want to monitor the progress of your GuideCX projects in Slack? No problem. With the Slack integration, GuideCX sends all project updates to the selected Slack workspace and channel. Your team can stay up to date on their projects directly in Slack.

If you’re using Jira to track projects and want to give your customers the right amount of visibility into your progress, this integration is for you. You can sync Issues and Epics with GuideCX and share controlled views of project status with your customers. Any notes added to GuideCX will sync with Jira. It’s the modern way for companies and their customers to work together on projects.

With Zapier and the GuideCX API, you can create a connected technology ecosystem—with over 2,000 supported apps. Create Zaps to share data between apps, trigger events, update task status, and more.

More Coming Soon

REST API Capabilities
1Spin up a project using data from outside systems (i.e., Website Shopping Cart, CRM, Internal Applications, etc.).
2EndPoints allow for posting/updating project information (i.e., update a task status, post a project worknote, etc.).
3Webhooks and GET Requests allow for easy access to the information you need.


We are always looking to partner with other capable and innovative technologies. Contact us today to learn more about having your software integrated with GuideCX.