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Start managing everything from “go” to the moment your products and services are up and running smoothly.

Here’s how
it works.

Map out your process. Funnel predesigned templates into a single project plan. Customize tasks to account for various stages.
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White-label GuideCX’s product with your own brand for customers, third parties, and/or vendors.
Begin managing expectations and workflow with automated communication.
Hold customers and teams accountable.
Provide insight into what’s happening with progress reports and automated email notifications (logins not required).
Analyze project trends and optimize your customer experience.

Best of all, you and your customers can watch the work happen.

It’s not magic.
But it’s close.
Can your implementation software do this?
GuideCXProject Management Tools
No Customer Login Required
White-Labeled Customer Portal
Global Project Trend / Logistics Analysis
Restricted Visibility Settings for External Teams
Automated Emails Generated from Your Domain
Next-Step Task Email Automation
Add Multiple Templates into a Single Project
Real-Time Projected End-Date Prediction
Team Scheduling Link
Group Task Assignment Tracking
Resource Management
Workflow Management
Mobile App Capabilities
API Integrations
Calendar Views
Gantt Chart
Time Tracking
Internal Communication
We play well with others.
Integrating with solutions that are already working for our customers is one of the many things that make GuideCX different. Check out the full list of integrations.
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