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Benefits of GUIDEcx and Customer Onboarding Software

  • Unlimited InvitesPriced for collaboration – You only pay for administrator and project manager licenses. Everyone else both internal and external contributors are free. NO HIDDEN FEES.
  • Easy Project AccessUsers can access their GUIDEcx projects however and wherever they prefer – through web portal, email, mobile app – no login required!
  • Project and Task Automationwork faster by automating communication and other manual repetitive actions like project updates tasks and reminders.
  • Absolute Client Visibilityreduce anxiety and increase project participation with full transparency into project status next steps and go live date.
  • Group Task Trackingassign a single task to multiple  people including your customers or vendor teams and track when each person has completed their part for increased accountability
  • Onboarding Community – Users can access/join our community, the ONBOARDING NETWORK to learn tips for both our platform and also general onboarding practices.  

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