Dealer-FX’s Experience Cutting Onboarding Time in Half
By GuideCX
Jan 29, 2021
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Toronto, Canada——Dealer-FX drives the digital transformation of dealerships with the only end-to-end service lane technology platform. It gives automotive dealership employees the tools they need to satisfy customers while driving higher revenue and profits.



How do we keep our customers, their parent companies and our partners informed without missing a beat? How do we ensure our internal teams are on track across multiple project types? How do we get away from spreadsheets and emails to let leadership understand where each project stands and the metrics around them? How do we prevent delays and frustration when customers lose track of their tasks and timelines? We were tired of manually tackling this critical stage of our customers’ lifecycle.



GuideCX. It has been said that you win a customer’s renewal in the first 90 days of your business with them. GuideCX helps us shine in those first 90 days and make an impression that extends well past project management. Our customers now enjoy a professional implementation experience that centers around them. Internally, our teams enjoy GuideCX sending next steps, attachments and examples automatically to the right person at the right time. We love the updates it provides and that our customers don’t have to login in order to enjoy the benefits. They don’t call to ask where everything stands. They aren’t anxious about next steps or deadlines because everyone is on the same page. Finally, our leadership has clear visibility to everything in-flight.



The benefits of using GuideCX have been numerous, but the one that stands out more than any other is how much more quickly we are able to get our customers up and running. In a world where time to value means so much, that has been the biggest benefit by far. You can’t make this stuff up: with GuideCX, our customers are now implemented 53% faster.


“With GuideCX, customers don’t ask questions about where we stand.”

—Emily Maldonado, Sr. Director Shared Services at Dealer-FX

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