Boost Your Implementations with the #1 Customer Onboarding Software

GUIDEcx is a top-tier customer onboarding platform and solution. 

Other software tools aren’t designed to be client-facing. Keep scrolling to learn how you can experience the difference. 

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What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the process a new customer goes through to learn and implement a recently purchased product or service. 

Before SaaS customer onboarding softwares emerged, project managers and onboarders would turn to spreadsheets. 

As project management softwares came into the world, project managers would use them for the customer onboarding process.

But using a project management software for customer onboarding is inefficient and difficult to track. They are not designed to be client-facing. 

It’s time to invest in a customer success onboarding software that will onboard customers quickly, efficiently, and smoothly.

How Can I Level Up My Onboarding?

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Benefits of a Customer Onboarding Software

Decrease churn and improve customer experience

Create transparency into your implementations

Scale integrations without adding a headcount

Deliver projects faster

See everything
at a glance

The Challenges of Customer Onboarding

Constant manual reminders

Poor sales-to-onboarding handoff

Lack of forecasting

Long time-to-value

High risk of customer churn

GUIDEcx Solves These Challenges with…

Automated reminders

Unlimited invitees to the project for free

Forecasted end dates

Visibility control

Focus on customer relationships

Powerful, Purposeful, Seamless Integrations

Connect 1,000+ applications to GUIDEcx so you can increase automation and keep projects simple.


Reduction in implementation time

projects run
on GUIDEcx

increase in project manager capacity


less meetings


on-time delivery rate when 5+ users are invited

Countless hours saved

G2 has ranked us as the #1 customer onboarding software.

What else?

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“​​I appreciate their commitment to SaaS and being a people-centered tool first.

I scoured all the different tools to find one that would work best to bring together all our key stakeholders and let them collaborate on a project plan together.

GUIDEcx was the only tool that I could find that accomplished everything I was looking for in a project management tool.

GUIDEcx is tailored to the way we do customer onboarding and I have not found a better tool on the market. They are the best at what they do.”

– Caleb Z.

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