VisualizeROI Boosts Onboarding Efficiency by 20%



VisualizeROI is a platform that empowers sales and marketing organizations to present compelling value propositions to prospects and customers. Their mission is to improve visibility between company and client to help organizations visualize the financial impact of their services to their clients.


Growing Pains Exceeded Current Resources

After experiencing unexpected growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, VisualizeROI did not have the resources they needed to onboard the many new clients they were bringing on. While they felt they had a great service to offer their customers, they were regularly told that their implementation and onboarding process left their clients wanting more. 

Not only were their customers dissatisfied with the implementation process, but VisualizeROI also struggled to stay organized with the overwhelming number of projects and tasks they constantly had streaming in. They knew they needed help with streamlining their onboarding process, but they didn’t know where to turn. As they searched for a new onboarding platform, they realized none of them provided the capabilities they needed to succeed—until they found GUIDEcx®.


Refining the Implementation Process with GUIDEcx

Looking to refine processes, they felt the pressure to find a solution that would help them create a seamless client experience. On October 1, 2020, they implemented GUIDEcx due to the platform’s flexibility, transparency, fair pricing, and intuitive process. The platform ended up being so useful to VisualizeROI that it has become their main method of communication. 

The transparency GUIDEcx provides was a huge selling point. The VisualizeROI team needed a platform that allowed them to create default action items, tasks, and checklists that they could assign to their clients. GUIDEcx provided all this and more. Not only can clients see their tasks, but they are also provided with a clear timeline that helps them track their progress, remain motivated throughout the process, and stay on top of deadlines. This transparency has allowed the VisualizeROI team the opportunity to streamline communication and save time on each implementation. 


“There are still so many capabilities we haven’t tried out yet, and we’ve already seen these great results. I can’t imagine a point in the future where GUIDEcx won’t be a part of our onboarding system.

VP of Customer Success and Value Delivery


20% Increase in Efficiency, Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The results VisualizeROI have seen after their implementation of the GUIDEcx platform have only made them happier with their decision. In only four months, they have seen a 20 percent increase in efficiency. They have also noticed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

They have experienced the satisfaction of using the GUIDEcx onboarding process firsthand. As they have brought on new employees, the transition has been effortless, with new staff at full productivity soon after joining the team. With only five project managers, some of which have only been on board for three weeks, they are able to juggle about 40 projects simultaneously, all because of GUIDEcx.

Doug Miller, the VP of customer success and value delivery at VisualizeROI, can’t wait to continue reaping the benefits of using GUIDEcx. “There are still so many capabilities we haven’t tried out yet, and we’ve already seen these great results. I can’t imagine a point in the future where GUIDEcx won’t be a part of our onboarding system.”


Ready to Take Client Implementation and Onboarding to the Next Level?

When it comes to your clients, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a great one by inviting, guiding, and engaging internal and customer implementation teams with GUIDEcx. Our platform reduces time to value, creates visibility, and saves time with automation, ensuring project managers and their clients get work done as quickly as possible. Here’s how GUIDEcx works.

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