sMedia Boosts Client Transparency and Communication with GuideCX


sMedia is a technology-based digital advertising solution that specializes in the automobile industry. They use data to analyze purchase intent and help hundreds of dealerships across North America acquire more customers and sell cars more efficiently.


A Long and Overwhelming Onboarding Process

The sMedia team found themselves drowning under the pressure of sorting through every onboarding process with their customers. While trying to organize everything manually through email, they struggled to keep track of all necessary information without any of it slipping through the cracks. Sorting everything independently meant they spent more time on administrative tasks than they did making sales or implementing new customers.

Even after implementing a new platform to help them organize their projects, they couldn’t onboard new customers as quickly as they wanted to. The average set-up time was 21 days, and this affected their ability to make sales. With their 30-day free trial taken up almost entirely by implementation and onboarding, they were running trials without making any sales. Overwhelmed and stressed with ineffective solutions, they knew they needed help, and they knew they needed it quickly.


Finding Holistic Solutions with GuideCX

GuideCX was exactly what they were looking for. Initially drawn in by the platform’s customizable templates and services, the sMedia team appreciated more about GuideCX than they had initially expected. With the holistic view of projects and tasks that the platform offers, the team immediately found themselves saving time. On top of that, they were able to pull reports easily and see exactly how they were performing.

Even when first learning the system, they found it intuitive and easy to explain to others. If a roadblock ever did arise and they had questions with any aspect of the platform, the GuideCX team was quick to respond, providing the most desirable customer service they could have asked for. sMedia was blown away by the support they received and set out to provide the same service to their customers. GuideCX allowed them to do more than that.


[With GuideCX,] it feels like I’m working with a partner, not guiding myself through everything alone.”

— Tracy Barkley —
Implementation and Design Manager


Streamlined Communication, Full Customer Transparency

The results sMedia has seen using the platform have been enough to keep them working with GuideCX for the past two years, and they’re happy to stay put for many years to come. Besides the structure the platform provides them, it also allows for full transparency and streamlined communication with their clients. With the click of a button, they can send out projects for customers to proof and receive their comments all in one place. Their customers have certainly benefited from the new, efficient communication system.

According to Tracy Barkley, implementation and design manager at sMedia, her favorite part of working with GuideCX is how collaborative the process is. “The GuideCX team is always open to improving. Any suggestion I have, they listen, and they give me and my team suggestions, too. It feels like I’m working with a partner, not guiding myself through everything alone.”


Ready to Take Client Onboarding to the Next Level?

When it comes to your clients, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a great one by inviting, guiding, and engaging internal and customer implementation teams with GuideCX. Our platform reduces time to value, creates visibility, and saves time with automation, ensuring project managers and their clients get work done as quickly as possible. To learn more about how GuideCX can address your business needs, reach out to us online and ask for your free 14-day trial to get started.

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