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WHO IS PathologyWatch?

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PathologyWatch combines dermatopathology expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide a variety of digital services to dermatology clinics. They work with dermatologists throughout the United States to deliver academic-level reads, digital slides and integrated reports directly to their patients’ health records.


Complicated, Time-Consuming Onboarding Process

Before GUIDEcx®, PathologyWatch was experiencing rapid growth. They needed a platinum onboarding experience for the clients, but the process was complex and involved several staff members. While they had marketing and sales resources, they lacked project management tools and struggled to capture a comprehensive view of their staff and partners across projects. 

After spending hours tracking clients with spreadsheets and long email threads, PathologyWatch knew they needed help. 

As they searched for solutions, PathologyWatch was overwhelmed by informational videos of various project management tools. PathologyWatch was busy onboarding several clients at once and could not afford several weeks to determine whether these solutions were a good fit for their needs. Many project management and onboarding tools were not intuitive, had customer support teams that were difficult to connect with, and charged for implementation and continued support. 


Finding Personalized Solutions with GUIDEcx

Once they implemented GUIDEcx, the onboarding process immediately became more manageable. After struggling to adapt to other tools, PathologyWatch admired the personalized solutions they received from GUIDEcx. The support team led PathologyWatch step by step through the onboarding process and tailored the solutions toward their needs. PathologyWatch realized how great their company’s onboarding process would be as they experienced the process themselves with GUIDEcx. 

According to April Larson, PathologyWatch’s VP of Client Experience and Advisory Board, working with GUIDEcx is effortless. “Working with GUIDEcx is a pleasure. They teach us how to make their services work for us, address our pain points, and walk us through solutions,” she said. “As someone who doesn’t have much time to implement new tools, I appreciated the move-in ready features  GUIDEcx provided.” 

PathologyWatch was amazed at how quickly their onboarding process was implemented. They were ready to run live projects within two weeks, which was further proof that they made the correct choice. 


“Working with GUIDEcx is a pleasure. They teach us how to make their services work for us, address our pain points, and walk us through solutions. As someone who doesn’t have much time to implement new tools, I appreciated the move-in ready features GUIDEcx provided.” 

VP of Client Experience and Advisory Board


Cutting Onboarding Time by Two-Thirds While Also Fostering Transparency

The implementation of GUIDEcx wasn’t just a pleasant experience. It led to real results that continue to improve the quality of PathologyWatch’s onboarding process. While a complete protocol of tasks once included more than 100 steps, within the first six months of using GUIDEcx, PathologyWatch has cut those tasks down to less than 30. Trimming and grouping those tasks has meant there is no lag time when onboarding new clients. What once took two to three months now can be accomplished in two weeks. PathologyWatch has more time to focus on client retention and new sales.

This new implementation has also given them more transparency across projects. The team can check off tasks, see what percentage of each project has been completed, and simultaneously work on assignments and deadlines that previously were much harder to coordinate. While it was once challenging to organize projects, PathologyWatch can easily place projects on hold and return to them without losing  any progress. 

When asked what’s next for PathologyWatch’s partnership with GUIDEcx, Larson said they are eagerly waiting for more features they can implement. “GUIDEcx has been a terrific partner over the last 18 months. There are so many things I love about their team and product. I also love that they are constantly making improvements, and they listen to customer feedback and act on it,” stated Larson. “Their customer service didn’t end after implementation. It is easy to get help; they quickly respond to Chat which is available right on their website. And they proactively reach out to me with suggestions.” 


Ready to Take Client Implementation and Onboarding to the Next Level?

When it comes to your clients, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a great one by inviting, guiding, and engaging internal and customer implementation teams with GUIDEcx. Our platform reduces time to value, creates visibility, and saves time with automation, ensuring project managers and their clients get work done as quickly as possible. Here’s how GUIDEcx works.

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