Maxio Cuts Six Weeks Off Their Onboarding Time with GUIDEcx!

Using only spreadsheets to track their onboarding process, Maxio’s internal team and customers recognized they were lacking valuable insights and clarity into their overall systems. With no real way to track how long tasks were taking, Maxio needed a solution that would provide stronger visibility to customers and internal stakeholders on task completion and project efficiency. Maxio quickly realized that GUIDEcx was the answer they were looking for. 

“After talking with the [GUIDEcx] sales reps, we immediately knew that this was going to be the solution for us,“ says Paul Ventresca, director of implementations at Maxio. “They have the ability to provide access to our customers. Individual contributors can see the project and the plan. It helps our customers understand what their level of effort is going to be and the timeline of how long the onboarding process is going to take.”

With the implementation of GUIDEcx, Maxio cut six weeks off their onboarding times, automated 20 percent of their onboarding tasks, and increased customer engagement. Through added transparency and automated processes, customers now feel confident enough to begin the onboarding process even before the first kick-off call, and Maxio can now better identify tasks that need to be improved or eliminated. With these improvements and implementations, “The customer experience is so much better,” says Paul.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Maxio improved their overall customer experience and cut their onboarding process by six weeks with GUIDEcx!

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