App-Garden’s Experience Taking Onboarding to a New Level


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App-Garden is a software company working in the K–12 education market. They provide software that helps streamline processes for school offices and fine-tune functions such as field trip management, bus routing, volunteer management, facility management, and training modules. Since its founding in 1992, App-Garden has grown to provide its services to hundreds of schools across the United States. Their products help not only staff but ultimately impact a child’s educational experience.


Complicated Onboarding Process, Not Enough Resources

When it comes to business leadership, onboarding can be one of the most challenging processes. For App-Garden, it meant facing a variety of challenges. They struggled to manually implement 50 new customers at a time without letting work fall through the cracks. They needed to see a big picture view across all projects and analyze areas that stalled frequently. Customers are busy with their work and expect to do business with a company that can get them up and running smoothly and quickly. At a crossroads of hiring more staff or putting software and processes in place, App-Garden began searching for a solution to allow fewer people to manage more implementations successfully.


Streamlining the Onboarding Process with GuideCX

After reviewing many options, App-Garden ultimately chose GuideCX® because of their personalized customer service. Once they had observed the GuideCX philosophy to work closely with their customers to improve their product, they knew they had made the right decision. When asked about her experience with their customer service, App-Garden’s implementation manager, Nancy Wilson, said, “I cannot imagine life without GuideCX! It has worked out wonderfully.” Alongside the results they saw with implementing the new onboarding platform, the excellent customer experience sealed the deal.


I cannot imagine life without GuideCX! It has worked out wonderfully.

— Nancy Wilson —
Implementation Manager


20% Increase in Efficiency and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Starting a new process is almost always a difficult transition, but App-Garden was blown away by how easy it was to adapt to the GuideCX platform. Among the benefits they have seen since partnering with GuideCX, their favorite is the augmented communication with their customers.

They have also become more productive since adopting GuideCX. A single project manager can implement four times as many projects at once. The length of their meetings has decreased by 86 percent due to the platform’s capacity to let customers self-serve, attach focused training videos to specific tasks, and deliver them to the correct person at the right time. Meetings that were once taking two hours are down to 30 minutes or less. Due to this, App-Garden has dramatically improved its customers’ experience while taking up less of their time.


Ready to Experience the Benefits of Faster, Easier Implementations?

GuideCX provides project managers and their clients with the implementation and onboarding management platform they need to get work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. To learn more about how GuideCX can add value to your customer implementation process, chat with one of our experts online and ask for your free 14-day trial to get started.