Give a Review and We’ll Plant a Tree in Your Name 

Give Us a G2 Review,
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“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back in 2017, GUIDEcx planted the first acorn in wide open land in the SaaS world. The category of customer onboarding didn’t even exist five years ago, but as that first acorn began to grow, mature and spawn other trees, our forest expanded. As a result, GUIDEcx developed strong roots in the SaaS community, leading to the creation of the customer onboarding category.

Now, it is your turn to help our forest grow – literally and physically!

We are asking you, our loyal customer, to share your experience with GUIDEcx by leaving a review on G2.

As a thank you for your time and effort, GUIDEcx has teamed up with #TeamTrees and will plant a tree in your name!

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem. They not only help provide us with air, but they are also a symbol of strength, a respite for reflection and a guide for hikers.

Reviews are a vital part of the business ecosystem. They provide first-hand feedback about our product and act as a guide for potential customers considering GUIDEcx.

A thriving forest cannot exist without trees.

Please help by leaving a G2 review and we’ll plant a tree for you!

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Chad E.

Head of Customer Success for Maxio

Guiding your customers through onboarding is a MUST

“We chose GUIDEcx as our onboarding solution because it was purpose-built for software onboarding. The UX is slick, modern, easy to set up and, more importantly, to maintain. If your onboarding team is the tip of the spear for your Customer Success team, then how you guide them through the process is of the utmost importance. You want your customers to have a modern and comforting experience, and GUIDEcx does just that.”

Teresa H.
Implementations Project Manager

Best & Most Thorough Collaborative PM Tool Accompanied by the BEST staff

“The level of detail the tool provides is above and beyond. Our clients, internal team, and third-party vendors all have full transparency, accountability, and are constantly informed. It combines process, schedule, timeline, product manuals, communication, and documentation into one. I have been a PM for 10 years and never have I experienced something that was *actually* a one-stop shop turnkey solution. The training materials, onboarding process, and support staff consistently exceed my expectations. Whenever I have a question, I chat with support and they have an answer within moments. I love the iterative nature of the platform where feedback is taken from users and implemented.”

Julia S.
Project Coordinator

Very interactive and visually attractive

“I found it very effective that customers can have their own updates and notifications at which stage we are on their ongoing onboarding. It is a win-win situation for the customers and for the project managers to see clearly the incomplete next steps on both parts. It also helps a customer to discover our project management plan so that they are cooperatively providing us with the proper paperwork and have more specifics questions on weekly meetings.”

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