Two New Exclusive Features: Time-Tracking and Resource Management

By GuideCX
Aug 20, 2021
After discovering over 110,000,000 Google entries pertain to customer experience, we can safely say the customer is king over business growth. According to Gartner research, 81 percent of marketers say they compete mostly or completely on the basis of the customer experience. But what constitutes a positive onboarding experience? Is it the time it takes from contract to completion? Is it all about the product? 

Almost all (90 percent) consumers feel that companies could provide a better client onboarding experience. The reasons new clients leave can provide insight on how to encourage others to stay.  As consumers, we appreciate the value a product or service contributes to our goals. As experts in client onboarding and project management, we’ve added two innovative features that empower organizations to optimize what their new clients value the most: time and resources. (Time-Tracking and Resource Management)

GuideCX Time-Tracking Tool

With the GuideCX time-tracking feature, your team can record the working hours of employees and ensure those employees are compensated accurately for their time. It can accurately track what tasks team members are doing, a project’s timeline, how long it takes, and how much it costs to complete. With this, providers have a better understanding of forecasting and gain valuable insight into the project’s health. 

Harris Clarke, COO at GuideCX, points out that every customer starts a new onboarding experience with questions: Am I going to get what I need out of it? Will the value I get be worth the effort and expense? This time-tracking feature does just that. 

Giving them a full view of the process will help customers feel confident and understand what your team will be doing,” says Harris. “If customers know all the steps you plan to complete and what they need to deliver, it will also be easier for them to articulate anything that might be missing. That sets you up to provide even more value and create a stronger working relationship.”

GuideCX Resource Management Tool

The second exclusive feature of the GuideCX system is the resource management tool. This technology enables project managers to match a team member’s skillset with the needed tasks. This ensures the right tasks are being assigned to the right people at the right time, optimizing valuable time and resources. 

“Give your customers visibility into your onboarding plan,” says Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GuideCX. “Show them how long the process will take and the current status. Make sure they know who is responsible for tasks and what the next step is.”

We’ve often worked with clients who want to better understand how their resources are being used, where, and in what capacity. With the resource management tool, providers and project managers can quickly answer those questions while also planning for future resource capacity. Now, you can be sure due dates will be met on time and within budget by distributing work evenly among your team. This reassures your client that they’ve partnered with a company that understands their goals and is committed to providing an efficient, engaging, and supportive onboarding experience that best serves their needs. 

By implementing the time-tracking and resource management tools—exclusive features of the GuideCX system—your team can reinforce a commitment to your clients’ success. You can ensure that your clients’ financial and emotional investment is time and money well spent.

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