The Common Problem of New Client Implementation

By Chandler Olsen
May 7, 2020
Saving time in a Orange piggy bank

As a Sales Development Rep at GUIDEcx, I call people all over the United States and Canada. It’s my job to be precise and productive in delivering valuable information to people. I talk with CEOs, COOs, VPs of Sales, Operations, Client Services, and Client Success. Each day I make over 150 calls and have a dozen conversations with the intent of setting a demo of our software. Over the last six months, 1,800 conversations have taught me one thing about new client implementation:

We all have the same problems.

Whether you’re a C-level exec or a Customer Success Rep, everyone is struggling to successfully onboard new customers. I’d like to share a few examples with you. All of these are from my personal prospecting calls (names changed).

Real Conversations

John, the Director of Technical Operations, answers my call in late-November. After a quick exchange, I jump into my qualifying questions:

Me“Is your process repeatable or does it change every time?”

John“Our process changes all the time,” he vented. “We tried to templatize it, but things constantly shift.”

Rita, the VP of Operations at a restaurant software company had this to say when I asked about her operations:

Rita“Our implementation changes every time. It’s hard to keep it consistent. We would love automation but there’s nothing out there that can automate our process.”

A conversation I had with the COO of a SAAS company out of Denver:

COO“If we can do data imports before a deal closes, it helps us a lot. But the sales team and our operations team have a hard time communicating back and forth.”

Me“What does your process usually consist of if you haven’t gotten the data imports?”

COO“It’s us repeatedly emailing the client telling them what to do. We’ve got good people, but each customer ends up getting a slightly different experience.”

Laura, another COO:

Laura“Understanding clients’ requirements and data is essential for a quick implementation. Gathering that has been a problem in the past.”

Me“Why is that?”

Laura“Well, our clients tend to drag their feet. They don’t understand how essential the information is for us to move forward, which leads to escalations.”

Stan, the VP of Client Services at a SAAS company in New York:

Stan“We have a difficult product to implement. We’ve looked for help before but nothing on the market addressed our specific needs.”

Tisha, a Manager of Customer Relations:

Tisha“Our implementation can take 30 hours to 30 days. There’s pretty widespread. Mainly due to the client’s level of engagement.”

Crucial Questions

Now if you step back and look at each of these conversations, they all have some differences, but ultimately suffer from the same problems. These individuals, some of which are executives of their company, don’t have the answers to some crucial questions surrounding their implementation. For example:

Why isn’t the client collaborating?

 Unclear expectations lead them to feeling like they are doing your work.

Why do their templates not work?

A template is only as good as the systems holding it in place. If there is no system, then all you’re doing is handing your client and your Project Managers a checklist.

If gathering client information is so important, then why do some departments struggle with the gathering?

Sometimes things are important but not necessarily on our minds, take eating vegetables for example. Of course, it’s important, but are we anticipating what vegetables we’re going to eat throughout the day? No. You need a system that brings these things to the forefront of our minds.

Smooth Implementation

What Stan, Tisha, Laura and John all lacked was a system behind their structure. A perpetual engine driving everyone towards the same desired goal: full adoption and shared value. Companies and their clients want a smooth implementation. That is exactly why Peter Ord built GUIDEcx to:

  • Drastically cut implementation times
  • Engage customers
  • Automate the processes

It’s helped hundreds of companies reduce their time to “go-live” and create an experience their customers never forget.

Trust me, it’s worth 30 minutes to see how companies are cutting their implementation time by an average of 30% while their teams have up to 4x more bandwidth.


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