Shawn Stinson named to CSC’s 23 in 2023

By Corey AmEnde
Dec 20, 2022

Shawn Stinson, GUIDEcx director of customer success, has been named to Customer Success Collective’s 23 in 2023 list.

This prestigious list highlights the 23 Customer Success leaders to watch in 2023. The goal of CSC’s 23 in 2023 report is to recognize, showcase and celebrate the extraordinary work in the customer success community.

“I am incredibly humbled and honored. The other recipients are incredible CS leaders who are driving change and making waves in the CS community. Every single one of them are deserving,” said Shawn Stinson, director of Customer Success. “I am thankful for the recognition of my strengths and the work I have put into CS. As I receive this recognition and finish my 10th year in Customer Success, I cannot help but think of all those who have helped me on this journey. I hope we all celebrate this moment and recognition together.”

Stinson has over a decade of experience in customer success, seeking creative paths to revenue, customer adoption and employee development. “Your People need a vision of what is possible in their role and for their careers,” Stinson said. “They need a path or process for how to accomplish their vision and they need constructive feedback on their journey.”

He joined GUIDEcx to help people work better together during the critical onboarding phase of the customer journey. The majority of Stinson’s career has focused on white glove Enterprise and Strategic business and he is currently leveraging that experience at scale across a global customer base.

A Leader in Customer Success

Why Customer Success is Not a Cost, but a Growth Channel

Stinson teamed up with Custify CEO Philipp Wolf to share tips on how to evolve Customer Success into a growth channel. This insight webinar provides you with actionable tips to take your Customer Success to the next level.

Customer Success Tool of the Year

guidecx award 2022

GUIDEcx was named the “Best Customer Success Tool” winner in the 2022 Customer Success Collective Awards.


“GUIDEcx takes great pride in providing a positive customer experience and a smooth onboarding process for their clients,” says Alex Ruggiero, Community Events Producer, Customer Success Collective. “GUIDEcx continues to introduce product enhancements that improve efficiency and increase time to value for their customers. With a focus on the future, GUIDEcx strives to serve as a guide to those looking to create a more effective onboarding process.” 


The Customer Success Collective Awards celebrate the leaders in customer success. Over 300 nominations were submitted in 2022 for the Customer Success Collective Awards.


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