Increase Engagement by Making Projects More Accessible with Secure Links
By GuideCX
Aug 20, 2021
Secure Links

Passwords, believe it or not, are on their way out.

Too often, the login experience is overly complicated or inconvenient. According to a recent study by Transmit Security, “87.5% of consumers have found themselves locked out of an online account after too many failed login attempts.” The resulting frustration is driving customers away from password-reliant websites in droves. According to the same study,

  • 55% of consumers have abandoned a website over a complex login process, 
  • 92% of users will abandon a website rather than reset their login credentials,
  • 66% of users will abandon a website over a complex registration process, and
  • 64.5% of users will abandon a site rather than create a username and login in the first place.

All of this results in a substantial loss of potential revenue for companies who refuse to update their processes. The fact is that there are alternatives to the traditional but outdated password model—and one, offered by GuideCX, is quickly establishing itself as the optimal solution:

Secure Links by GuideCX are setting the new standard for increasing engagement and accessibility for customers. Let’s go over the benefits of Secure Links as well as some specifics on how they work.

The Benefits of Secure Links

Secure Links sent to email addresses allow customers to access projects in an easier, more secure way. Secure Links are perfect for those customers who, in the past, would rather interact via emails than create an account. Now it will be easier for customers to access the app and enjoy a more robust experience while enjoying the following benefits:

  • One-click access to your projects. Customers don’t have to register for GuideCX; instead, they receive a secure link in their email.
  • Engagement. Clients become more self-serving, ultimately saving project managers time. 
  • Increased time to value. Projects accelerate when everyone’s participating and engaged.
  • Less friction. Customers don’t have to register with GuideCX or remember another username and password to access the GuideCX app.​
  • More secure. Secure Links are as secure as your email account. They also keep you safe from password-based attacks. 

So far, our providers have found enormous success by using Secure Links. In fact, one GuideCX provider has discovered that customers have become more self-serving by using Secure Links.

Passwords are seeing the end of their usefulness in customer engagement. If you want to attract customers who won’t be turned away at the first sign of an account setup, the time has come to work with GuideCX Secure Links. Contact us today to get started.

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