SaaS Onboarding: Drinking Our Own Champagne

By Peter Ord
Sep 27, 2021

You’ve likely heard the business saying “eating your own dog food” or more elegantly “drinking our own champagne.”

Simply put, this slang term means that a company uses its own products on a regular basis. That metaphor is so true here at GuideCX where our employees use our SaaS platform day in and day out.

Our product team uses it for onboarding our own customers and keeping track of internal projects. Our marketing team uses it for making sure project tasks are lined up for events or new marketing campaigns. The engineering team uses it for tracking the progress of product updates. I could keep going! 

This SaaS onboarding platform has been a lifesaver not only for our customers but for us, too. It’s helped GuideCX build credibility, helps us improve, and keeps us organized.


Building credibility

“B2B entrepreneurs have already begun focusing attention on the importance of using their own products in order to manage business processes, attract customers, and drive sales,” said Larry Alton in a Huffington Post article in 2016. Five years later, and this is still a vital aspect of growing a SaaS company. 

If you can put yourself in the customers’ shoes, you can more easily relate to them and see their frustrations. If you’ve gone through the process of using your product, it’s much easier to guide customers through it. Customers are also more likely to express confusions or frustrations when you’re genuinely sympathetic and have seen those snags firsthand.

I built GuideCX because I needed a better onboarding and project management system. I wanted to be a customer of something that didn’t quite exist, but now it does exist. Basically, I wanted champagne, but I had to make it in order to drink it. 


Helping us improve

As we consistently use our SaaS onboarding platform, we see the spaces where our product could improve. In fact, it was a few gaps in the system that led to our two most recent features: time tracking and resource management.

After receiving customer feedback and experiencing the system ourselves, we are better able to resolve deficiencies, solve problems, and further enhance features. 

There’s a certain perspective that’s only available to you when you’re behind the scenes. You can know the capabilities of the product, how it’s designed, and what changes could be made to compensate for further improvements. 

To be more transparent with our customers, we also integrated the Product Roadmap feature into GuideCX. This shows our customers what updates and new features we’re considering, working on, and finalizing. The idea for this feature came from an employee putting themselves into the customers’ shoes. 


Keeping us organized

There are a lot of moving parts in a fast-growing company. We have lots of new hires coming aboard and we’re always onboarding new customers. By establishing detailed tasks, creating timelines, sharing details, and assigning deadlines, we as a company are better able to manage our day-to-day responsibilities and better scale. We can then, in turn, better help our clients do the same. 

Drinking your own champagne isn’t just about quenching a thirst for the expansion and growth of your product. Drinking your own champagne really is about building credibility, improving, and staying organized. 

Peter Ord

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