GUIDEcx Project Manager Group on LinkedIn

By Harris Clarke
Aug 27, 2021
Project managers' linkedin group

We have some good news for you––you’re home! GUIDEcx has created a project manager group on LinkedIn for people just like you. This is a space for project managers to come together, discuss industry best practices, and how to deliver the best experience. 



The main objective for this group is to help project managers level up their game through community. The cost? For free, of course. This is also a group where project managers can network, find jobs, and discuss onboarding. 


Easy Engagement

We also want to engage you and give you opportunities to get to know other project managers and share your ideas! We are doing things like Motivational Mondays, Pro-Tip Tuesdays, Welcome Wednesday, and Flex It Friday! Flex It Friday is an opportunity for members to share what wins they experienced that week. 

What are you waiting for? There’s no pressure to stay in the group––we want it to be as beneficial as possible for you. Come join the project manager group


Some of the Rules:

Here are some of the rules we have listed in the group to make it a safe and supportive environment. 

  1. Be Kind and Respectful: Let’s build a positive, welcoming environment together where everyone feels safe to share ideas, thoughts, and feedback. Let’s be supportive, respect individual opinions, and report negative posts.
  2. Follow Community Best Practices: Please ensure your posts follow the guidelines. Ask yourself this question before posting: “Is my post positively contributing to this community?”
  3. No Self-Promotion, Unsolicited DM’s or Spamming: You spam, we ban. We have themed posts to share your wins! Any posts outside of that with the purpose of lead generation or sales without permission will be removed to ensure we stay focused on meaningful discussion.
  4. Zero Tolerance for Harassment: Any posts, comments, or DMs to members or admins that are inappropriate, rude, or aggressive will be immediately removed. This includes posts that spread misinformation & are disruptive to the group.

For more information on project management, check out our resources.

Harris Clarke


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