Onboarding Strategies When Your Clients are Medical Companies

By Garrett O'Brien
Apr 18, 2020
Doctor browsing his tablet

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., especially when it comes to tech. An industry that was slow to adopt technology has recently started to see the value it can provide for better patient care and cost savings. If you sell products to medical companies, including providers, it’s important that your onboarding process is structured in a way to get the company, clinic, or providers up and running as quickly as possible.

1: Create a Plan

Medicine moves quickly, and since time is important in patient care, most providers, administrators, and clinics don’t have time to waste on a long, drawn-out onboarding process. They purchased your software with the hope of using it to care for patients, and your task is to get them to that point as quickly as you can. Having a clearly outlined plan with realistic timelines can help everyone stay on task.

2: Automate and Streamline

One of the biggest challenges in medicine is the lack of time—on the clinical side providers need to spend their time with patients, and on the administrative side, there are significant time demands for everything from hiring and medical billing to accounts receivable and working with payers. Automating as much of the onboarding as possible, and streamlining the things that you need from their team and yours can help you deliver quickly without putting undue stress on your new clients.

3: Communicate Throughout the Process

One of the best things you can do is set up systems to communicate regularly with your clients about what you need from them, and where the onboarding process is at any given time. With GUIDEcx you get a tool that:

  • Sends automated reports to anyone on your team or the client’s team
  • Allows you to create tasks for both your internal team and the client
  • Offers transparency for everyone on your team and theirs to see where the onboarding process is today, and what (if anything) is holding you up
  • Creates real-time projections for onboarding completion based on progress

Having all this built into your software means your team doesn’t have to spend time compiling this information manually, waiting for someone on the client’s team to deliver necessary information, or getting frustrated emails from executives who want to know why something wasn’t delivered on time or isn’t done yet.

Technology has the capacity to vastly improve medical care, and if you offer medical clients something that will help them in that space you need to ensure that onboarding goes smoothly so they can use the product to benefit their patients or their operations. Schedule a demo to see the GUIDEcx platform in action and learn how it can help.


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