GuideCX Supports Mali Wellness Foundation

By Clayton Jorgensen
Jul 23, 2021

When it comes to seeking out an employer, many millennials are now weighing a company’s level of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Does the new company you’re researching place importance on how they impact the environment around them? From everything between social and giving to educational programs. That sense of corporate citizenship is a growing importance for the incoming generations. 

While social responsibility can help boost the morale of current employees and further entice new hires, a 2020 study revealed that CSR can actually contribute to a company’s bottom line in the form of improved innovation and performance. 

Mali is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in Africa due to an ongoing civil war. I knew that the region was in turmoil, but I didn’t realize how adversely that war had affected the economy and the health of its citizens. Rural Mali is in the worst shape: Many villages have lost their wells to drought, pollution, or neglect. 

The Mali Wellness Foundation aims to alleviate the suffering of these villagers by providing clean water, medical care, and educational resources to the hardest-hit areas. I have now been aiding with the Mali Wellness Foundation since 2018 as in engineering volunteer. 

The GuideCX founder and fellow c-suite team agree that social responsibility is a great way to enhance the work culture. So, when I approached GuideCX CEO Peter Ord and other members of the leadership team about the Mali Wellness Foundation, they were eager to get involved. I anticipated something beneficial but not monumental in bringing clean water to several rural villages in Mali. Instead, Pete proposed that we run a company-wide fundraiser and involve everyone in the project. 

After a couple presentations and a month of fundraising, we had absolutely smashed our goal. We had collected $2,500. I was amazed by the generosity and support of my coworkers. I was then astounded when GuideCX realized the value in this humanitarian effort to further improve the donation by matching that money at a 2-to-1 ratio. We were able to donate $7,750 to the foundation––more money than the other 20 contributors combined. The increased funds made the two-week trip to Mali so much more impactful. 

As part of our most recent trip to the country, GuideCX sponsored a group of 20 volunteers who spent time in three villages that had E.coli in their water supply. When we finally got the new wells drilled and the water purification systems up and running, the villagers were ecstatic. They quickly formed a line to bathe their babies and drink from the crystal-clear water. It was amazing to see how badly they needed the resource and how appreciative they were when they had something I view as so mundane: water. 

This feeling of excitement over the little things was ubiquitous among the Malians. Despite having so little materially, almost everyone I met was incredibly happy. I asked one of my friends there, Ousmane, why this was the case: He said that it was because, as a village community, they are generous with their time and money, grateful for their families, and work together to get through hard times. 

I realized that having a similar attitude in my own life will help me to be happier. It’s so easy to become caught up in the stress of life or waiting for life to get better in some way. If we take a step back and appreciate what we have, we will be much happier in the long run.

The value that GuideCX puts into their corporate social responsibility and their generous donation to the people of a third-world country have also made me and many of my coworkers place a higher value in our roles here at the company.


If you’re interested in donating to the Mali Wellness Foundation, please email

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