MaidCentral Switches to GUIDEcx: Cuts Onboarding Tasks for Clients by 75% with GUIDEcx

Feb 8, 2023
MaidCentral’s onboarding process was complex and disorganized before their team decided to make a switch in May 2022. The onboarding process with the previous software system became so difficult to manage, MaidCentral’s team resorted to vetting some of their clients based on whether or not they thought they could even successfully complete the onboarding process. 

MaidCentral is a SaaS company that provides an advanced organization platform for those in the home-cleaning industry, so they needed an onboarding process that was simple, intuitive, and easy to understand for any of their clients, regardless of their experience or savviness with technology. 

MaidCentral’s team knew they needed a better onboarding solution, so they enlisted the help of GUIDEcx to create an automated onboarding process to greatly simplify the process for clients and themselves. The result was a streamlined onboarding process that clients were excited about. This helped MaidCentral eliminate 75 percent of all onboarding tasks, automate client communication during onboarding, and reduce the time to value for MaidCentral’s clients by 25 percent. 

“[GUIDEcx has] given me a lot of dopamine over the last six or nine months because every time we get a new client, I’m like, ’oh, think of all the time I’m gonna save,’” says Austin Allen, partner implementation supervisor at MaidCentral. 

Read on to learn how GUIDEcx was able to help MaidCentral streamline its onboarding process.

GUIDEcx Cuts 75% of Onboarding Tasks

Software from GUIDEcx greatly streamlined MaidCentral’s onboarding process. Before making the switch to GUIDEcx in May 2022, MaidCentral’s onboarding template included around 100 tasks for the MaidCentral team and clients to complete. After cleaning up the tasks with GUIDEcx, that number has been brought down to 25. 

“That could not have been possible without GUIDEcx,” Allen says. “It’s easier to teach our clients how to use the system because it’s so simple and it just works.” 

Before implementing the new software from GUIDEcx, clients would often email their communication requests rather than going through the previous onboarding system. Now, because the new interface is sleek and intuitive, clients are excited to use the system to cross off tasks. This has been key in helping more clients experience success with MaidCentral’s software for the home-cleaning industry.

Client Communication During Onboarding Is Automated

Virtually all communication between MaidCentral and their clients are now automated during the onboarding process because of the tools provided by GUIDEcx. This has saved the MaidCentral valuable time in repetitive effort each week, which has allowed the company to put more resources toward growing the business and bringing on new customers. 

“With GUIDEcx, [communication is] automated to a point where I’m nearly hands off, and I only need to reach out to the things that matter and require my attention, which is awesome,” Allen says. “I feel like I have an infinite workload now. I’m telling the sales guys to just go wild because we can handle the capacity now.”

The new, automated communication during onboarding accounts for 50 percent of all of MaidCentral’s communication with clients, with everything else coming after onboarding or whenever there’s something pressing. All in all, automated communication has become a critical part of MaidCentral’s business operations and contact with clients.

GUIDEcx Reduces Time to Value for MaidCentral’s Clients by 25%

Because the GUIDEcx software is so efficient for MaidCentral’s onboarding needs, the time to value for clients has been reduced by around 25 percent. Before switching to GUIDEcx, it took four to eight weeks for clients to get value out of the MaidCentral software. Today, it takes an average of three to six weeks. 

“The efficiency that we see from the GUIDEcx software is incredible,” says Allen. “We get so much value out of all of the reporting, tools, cadence of communications, automations, and integrations. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without this software.”

Having a simple and straightforward onboarding system has helped more of MaidCentral’s clients become bought-in and experience success with MaidCentral’s software earlier, which prevents some of them from falling away during the onboarding process, Allen says. Everything in MaidCentral’s onboarding process is now more efficient and effective.

How Can GUIDEcx Provide Solutions for Your Organization?

With GUIDEcx, you can scale more efficiently, track progress toward deadlines, and improve the customer journey, all while maintaining the human element. As the leader in customer onboarding, GUIDEcx provides a new level of insight into your onboarding process. To learn more about how GUIDEcx can address your business needs, schedule a demo with one of our Guides.

To learn more about the latest updates and features recently implemented as part of our Q4 update release, contact your GUIDEcx account manager. New to the GUIDEcx offerings? Take a moment to schedule a demo now.


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