Introducing the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Tool)

Oct 26, 2022
Did you know that after a positive customer communications experience, 7 out of 10 customers will recommend the organization to others or purchase more products and services? 

GUIDEcx now offers a CSAT tool (Customer Satisfaction), that helps you gather valuable insight into how customers feel during and after their onboarding experience. Pre-built surveys within the tool capture and capitalize on customer sentiment that helps drive decision making on modifying processes that can better deliver on customer service and value.

“We continue to invest in helping organizations work better together,” said Cody Irwin, Vice President of Product. “Our new Customer Management experience will help providers better program manage complex customers that have multiple projects in flight; our Integrations Marketplace redoubles our commitment to have integrations that help organizations work smarter with existing systems; and our CSAT feature will help providers and customers engage in new ways and improve. We’re excited to see how these updates help providers GUIDE their customers towards successful onboarding experiences.”

Benefits of the CSAT Tool

CSAT reporting helps you understand trends at a higher level and dive deeper into areas needing improvement. Key data points include:

  • CSAT for active projects
  • Total CSAT for all projects
  • Average CSAT by project
  • Average CSAT by milestone
  • CSAT trend
  • Comments from individual users

The CSAT tool is designed to help organizations work better together and gives a more complete picture of the customer experience during the onboarding process, taking the pain out of gathering customer feedback. The option to automate surveys after a milestone or project completions provides powerful insights into the onboarding process. The CSAT tool is a game changer for Customer Success and Sales Managers in understanding their client’s experience.

Explore the Other New Features in the October Release

The CSAT Tool is just one of the many exciting new features that were deployed in the October 2022 Release. These new features were built to help you better manage customers, increase customer retention and satisfaction, streamline onboarding processes, and increase tracking capabilities. Here is a sample of some of the new features in this release:

Your Guide to the October 2022 Release

Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 3pm ET as our CTO and product managers will Guide you on a deeper look at the key Q4 product features including Customer Dashboard, Status Change Reasons, Integrations Marketplace and CSAT. There will be a Q&A session at the end so our team can answer any specific questions you may have.

Take GUIDEcx for a Test Drive!

To learn more about these latest features and updates, contact your GUIDEcx account manager. New to the GUIDEcx offerings? Take a moment to schedule a demo now.


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