How GUIDEcx Can Improve Your New Customer Experience

By Garrett O'Brien
Apr 30, 2020
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The traditional processes for onboarding new clients are broken. If you are a company that brings on new clients, you probably already know this, but you continue working with emails, spreadsheets and clunky project management software because there isn’t a better option. The onboarding process is the first impression for many people and the time when new customers cement their opinion of your company and products. In fact, the customer experience you offer during implementation is, in itself, one of your products, so starting off on the wrong foot will affect your ability to retain clients in the long term.

At GUIDEcx we realized the process was broken and set out to make it better. Here are several ways that our client onboarding software can improve onboarding, and by extension, your new customer experience.

Better Engagement

One of the biggest pain points in implementation can be a lack of engagement and communication. While some onboarding work happens internally, if you don’t keep clients informed through the process, it can make them feel in the dark and result in escalations. How many times has the contract signer called the salesperson who calls the team to find out where things stand? GUIDEcx ends that. It allows you to add clients and internal stakeholders as users without paying for more licenses, so they can see the entire process. All parties get automatically notified even without logging in on critical matters like overall status, who has the ball and what is overdue, and holding up progress.

Scaling and Automation

You may have someone leading your onboarding team(s) today that is incredible. She or he probably knows onboarding for your products inside and out, juggling the responsibility of each team member and keeping the process moving along. Let’s scale that person’s impact! Creating a standardized process (to the extent that you can) helps you manage all the chaos that onboarding can bring—failure to have a standard process makes it hard for your team to identify bottlenecks and improve your customer experience across the board.

If you have several members of an onboarding team or several departments involved in the process of bringing on new clients, this is essential to keep everyone on track and be able to deliver on time, increasing time-to-value and setting new customers up for success. Templates in GUIDEcx allow you to do just that. This introduces a level of automation that relieves stress for everyone, accelerates project timelines, and increases your team’s bandwidth. With GUIDEcx running in the background, assignments and reminders are sent to the right people at the right time with the right information.

Customer Experience in 2020

Your clients and stakeholders are used to having seamless consumer experiences where they can track their packages, flights, and even pizzas. Give them that same experience with their onboarding and it will pay dividends far beyond a successful implementation/onboarding experience. You can significantly decrease the number of calls and emails asking for status updates, requesting information from clients, or requesting reports for high-level stakeholders and decision-makers on both sides. Let clients see the entire process, completion dates, and get automated reports for anyone on their team with GUIDEcx.

Find out why our clients are reporting faster timelines, more bandwidth, and fewer escalations by scheduling a demo with GUIDEcx today.


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