GuideCX vs. Rocketlane
By Todd White
Sep 1, 2021
guidecx vs rocketlane

Did you know that it costs between five and 25 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one? It’s becoming increasingly clear that organizations must not only attract new customers but also focus on retaining them in order to drive the most profit possible. This means that they need to provide top-of-the-line service that prioritizes the customer experience. And what’s the first step to ensuring that your clients are happy? Making an excellent first impression.

Despite how important onboarding is, diving into the world of client onboarding software can be intimidating. With so many platforms available, it’s harder to find a great solution for your organization than ever before—which is why we’re here to help you make a decision. Like our comparison with Pipefy, we are comparing GuideCX and Rocketlane based on G2 research. 

Both platforms fall into a few distinct categories: client onboarding and project management, task management, and workflow management. However, while GuideCX is also categorized as product management software, Rocketlane is considered a project collaboration tool.

Here’s what we learned about the similarities and differences between these two platforms, including their ratings, features, integrations, and more. 


Both GuideCX and Rocketlane are highly rated by reviewers. Overall, GuideCX has a rating of 4.7/5 stars with 111 reviews, and Rocketlane rates 4.8/5 stars with 19 reviews. Each score is calculated using real-time data from verified user reviews. 

GuideCX: 111 reviews. Rocketlane: 19 reviews

While Rocketlane scores higher than GuideCX in several categories—including Meets Requirements, Ease of Use, and Ease of Administration—GuideCX has received more reviews in each rating. Reviewers agree that GuideCX is easier to do business with and has a preferred direction in terms of future updates.

Additionally, GuideCX scores equally in ease of setup and higher than Rocketlane in the following G2 rating categories:

  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • Product Direction

Overall, GuideCX has the advantage over Rocketlane—not only because they each outrate the other in four categories, but because GuideCX is able to cite more reviews in their favor. 

Advantage: GuideCX


When it comes to features, there are a number of important categories that only GuideCX ranks in, such as Tasks, Setup, Projects, Management, Resource Management, and Project Monitoring. However, there are four categories that both companies have sufficient ratings in Task Creation, Onboarding Setup, Project Tracking, and Customer Engagement. 

Under Task Creation, there are three major sections that both platforms rank in Creation & Assignment, Due Dates, and Drag & Drop. The fourth section, on the other hand, only has enough ratings for GuideCX. Out of the three categories with ratings for both tools, Rocketlane has higher scores in Due Dates and Drag & Drop. GuideCX ranks higher in Creation & Assignment, and because there is not enough data available for Mass Updates, it is impossible to fully compare the two’s Task Creation ratings. 

Similarly, in terms of Onboarding Setup, Rocketlane and GuideCX are comparable in two out of the three subcategories: Templates and Checklists. The third section, Workflows, only has sufficient ratings available for GuideCX. Rocketlane ranks more highly in both Templates and Checklists, with a 9.3/10 compared to 9.2/10 for GuideCX. However, GuideCX offers more features than Rocketlane, as well as reliable, verified reviews for each of them.

On their personal G2 pages, GuideCX has a full summary of features with everything their platform has to offer, while Rocketlane does not have enough data to offer a similar breakdown of their attributes.

Advantage: GuideCX 

End-User Experience

Reviewers’ Industry

A major difference between GuideCX and Rocketlane is the industries in which their reviewers are from. While the highest percentage of GuideCX reviewers are in the computer software industry (32.1 percent), Rocketlane sees the highest percentage of reviews from the information technology and services industry (31.6 percent). 

Similarly, GuideCX has more reviewers from the automotive, telecommunications, and hospital and health care industries; Rocketlane has a higher number of reviewers from marketing and advertising, online media, and logistics and supply chain. 

Depending on the industry, you may want to consider an onboarding solution that has experience in your field of expertise. 

Advantage: Tie

Pricing, Free Trials, and Demos

GuideCX offers a demo and a free 14-day trial. Moving forward, they have three pricing packages to choose from: professional, premium, and enterprise. 

  • Professional includes a customer-facing portal and whitelist options in addition to private internal communication.
  • Premium, the most popular package, includes third-party integrations. It allows for basic time tracking and resource management.
  • Enterprise includes advanced time tracking, resource management, unlimited contributors and guests, and custom options for use. Like the other two packages, all internal, external, and third-party contributors are included.

For pricing information, they encourage you to talk with their sales team. 

Rocketlane also offers the option for a 14-day free trial. The company provides greater visibility into their price packages, which similarly include professional, premium, and enterprise plans. 

  • Professional: Priced at $19/user/month when paid annually and $29/user/month when paid monthly, this package includes unlimited projects, unlimited customer members, and key features such as a branded customer portal and more. 
  • Premium: Priced at $49 per team member/month when billed annually or $59/mo when billed monthly. This package includes everything in Professional, plus several additional features like task custom fields, project custom fields, and more. 
  • Enterprise: Includes everything in Premium, plus premium support, onboarding and training, advanced API rate limits, and a custom email domain. Reach out to them for more pricing information

Both platforms are excellent at basic project management and client onboarding tasks and may be the perfect solution depending on your specific budget and needs. 

Advantage: Tie


Both GuideCX and Rocketlane use Zapier, allowing users to integrate with thousands of applications. GuideCX has also built integrations with some of the most popular tools: Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and Jira. 

While each platform allows its users to connect to any app available on Zapier, only GuideCX has ratings on G2 for their integration capabilities.

Advantage: GuideCX


Overall, Rocketlane provides an onboarding platform with great project tracking and customer engagement capabilities. However, GuideCX offers not only onboarding solutions that are customizable, but they also provide  and high-quality ongoing product support so that you always have the assistance you need to get the most out of the platform. While both options provide easy setup and ease of use, G2 reviewers preferred the direction of future GuideCX products over Rocketlane. 

If you’re looking for software to help streamline your client onboarding process, GuideCX is the option for you! It is optimized for quick response and ready to take your organization to the next level. 

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