GUIDEcx Introduces Two New Features: Project Team Builder and Calendar Sync

Apr 27, 2022
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To continue improving the functionality and new client implementation process for business professionals everywhere, GUIDEcx has introduced two new features: Project Team Builder and Calendar Sync. Each component is designed to offer a never-before-experienced ease of speed and ensure that all internal work is accounted for.

Simplified Role Designation

Created to establish greater transparency, the addition of Project Team Builder to the GUIDEcx platform will assist project managers in quickly building the support system needed to provide a smooth onboarding process. The tool will offer administrators and project managers the ability to confirm all internal tasks are assigned to a team member. 

Assignments can be developed based on project functions within templates versus one-off or bulk editing. With just a short two-click process, all associated tasks can be designated to a selected person in a simplified timeframe based on their capabilities, guaranteeing each role is always accounted for. The feature is only available for users within GUIDEcx’s enterprise platform, utilizing advanced resource management. 

Seamless Calendar Integration

To coincide with Project Team Builder, GUIDEcx users can also now take advantage of our Calendar Sync feature. Instead of manually inviting and assigning users to tasks and then having to separately log in to their calendars to coordinate the two, Calendar Sync allows for an uninterrupted pairing. The tool works with both Outlook and Google Calendar, including event and group tasks. When paired with Project Team Builder, it creates efficiency for all team members to work in tandem.

“Instead of taking time away from a project thinking about how you’re going to split up the work, manually assigning tasks through calendar invites, and then having to scramble if something’s missed, Project Team Builder and Calendar Sync take the labor-intensive work out, making sure nothing falls through the cracks,” says Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GUIDEcx. “We want our users to concentrate on where it matters most: their customer onboarding process.”

Training and best practices on Project Team Builder are now available and can be found at


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