GUIDEcx Debuts New Brand Film!

Dec 14, 2022
I AM A GUIDE. The essence of Guiding.

Filmed in Utah, this film captures the essence of what it means to be a Guide. The brand film is a showcase piece for our rebranding efforts that launched this summer. The new look puts a spotlight on authenticity by embodying our three brand pillars: Wisdom, Trust, and Human.

“I wanted to surface the attributes of different types of Guides and show the diversity of humans that emulate these. The organic feel of this film and overall brand really showcase human authenticity at its best,” said Nick Hansen, director of brand and creative at GUIDEcx. “Environments may change but the characteristics and principals are unchanging.”

You can learn more about our brand here.  

More to Come! 

The brand film is just the first element in a long list of content that we have planned for 2023. Check back later for more updates and make sure you are following us on social media to get the latest news about our brand updates and product releases.


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