How the GUIDEcx CEO Fosters Entrepreneurial Employees

By Harris Clarke
Jul 2, 2021

GUIDEcx is surrounded by startups. Utah a region that consistently ranks as the top state for entrepreneurs. Dozens of companies like Pluralsight, Qualtrics, InsideSales, and more are calling the industrious Beehive State home.

Peter Ord began his career working for a startup where he gleaned knowledge and skills that would eventually lead him to launch his own company. Now, he is leading that growing company of nearly 80 employees. He mentors his dedicated team by providing his own entrepreneurial insights and helping them envision their own future in the startup world. 

“The commitment I make to my employees now is that I will never shield them from opportunities,” Ord says. “Of course, I always want my company to be the best option, but I’m not ignorant to the fact that there might be better opportunities. I want people to look at GUIDEcx as a time when they grew, spring-boarding them into their next opportunity.”

Ord thrives as an entrepreneurial mentor, guiding his employees to long-term career success. He frequently shares his startup wisdom, encourages creative thinking, and celebrates employee’s entrepreneurial wins.


Share Startup Wisdom

Every great entrepreneur has an even greater mentor: Maya Angelou mentored Oprah Winfrey; Steve Jobs advised Mark Zuckerberg; and Steven Spielberg consulted J.J. Abrams. It stands to reason there is great value in both becoming and seeking out a mentor throughout your career.

Mentoring has become an ingrained piece of workplace culture embraced by the entire C-suite at GUIDEcx. Offering encouragement, providing guidance, and even sharing industry insights have become part of the everyday. Ord even makes time in weekly staff meetings to mentor his team about the intricacies of running a successful business. 


Encourage Creative Thinking

Startup founders and CEOs should always encourage creative thinking among the ranks when it comes to company innovation. However, Ord has taken that encouragement one step further by supporting the employees’ creative efforts after hours. 

“If you put water on people’s fire, you are not going to have the same level of employee engagement,” Ord says. “One of the best pieces of parenting advice I’ve received is that it’s a lot easier to take the fire out of a kid than to put the fire into him. As long as an employee’s attention isn’t derailed from their work at GUIDEcx, we should encourage our teams to seek out their passions. If we take that passion out, it affects our team’s work product.” 

Tim Nichols, a Forbes contributor, offered five steps for fostering employee creativity: 

  1. Reward innovation. This can be through company-wide challenges and tied to rewards. 
  2. Allow project ownership. Give employees dedicated time and guidelines to really hone ideas.
  3. Promote autonomy and strategic thinking. Empowering employees has been known to increase motivation and productivity.
  4. Encourage risk-taking. By acknowledging the upside and downside of risk-taking, you help eliminate the fear of the downside. 
  5. Embrace failure. The fear of failure has a way of hindering innovation. “Companies should embrace failure and incorporate it into a structured learning loop. A process for transforming every failure into company knowledge that can be used to foster innovation,” says Nichols.


Celebrate the Success of Employees 

With remote working becoming the norm, many employers might worry that their employees aren’t as engaged with their main jobs. “As a CEO, it is our responsibility to motivate our employees even more,” Ord says. “Help them understand that what they’re doing at your company matters.” 

“A rising tide lifts all boats,” a phrase used by John F. Kennedy, is a long-standing motto of Ord’s. He applies it to celebrating employee-driven successes that happen on company time or during after-hour endeavors. “Everything we do and say should be designed to increase the confidence level of employees,” Ord said. 


Yes, some of the GUIDEcx employees have left the company to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Some in the industries of autism support, health and wellness, and some even the dating world. But Ord continues to foster and encourage people by sharing his wisdom, encouraging creativity, and celebrating their successes. 

Harris Clarke


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