Better Fintech Onboarding Service Strategies—Free Lollipop Not Included

By Todd White
Aug 31, 2021

With online services available for account access from anywhere at any time, this isn’t your grandma’s bank. What used to operate with limited business hours and basic in-person services now offers the new customer plenty of modern features, such as 24-hour online banking services, self-service banking portals for transactions, full access to account activity, and more. 

If your customers don’t have those features that provide seamless, immediate service, you could be missing out. Research shows almost half (40 percent) of banking consumers pull the plug on fintech onboarding processes if it’s too time-consuming or complicated. The pressure is on for fintech providers to create a positive customer experience with immediate results. 

But creating a meaningful, fintech onboarding experience isn’t complicated. You just need features that your customers want—transparency, easy-yet-secure mobile access, and accurate data. 

When you use an onboarding system that understands what your customers want from financial services, you better align with your customers’ goals and expectations. Here’s how. 



Today’s banking customers want to know where their money is going, so they look for details about fees, services, interest rates, etc. These features set the tone for a transparent and trusting relationship. “This might sound strange at first, but becoming more transparent can improve your business’s efficiency,” explains Michael Weinhouse, founder and co-CEO of Logical Position. “By spending less time talking around the limitations of your products, sidestepping your customers’ concerns and embellishing your results, you save time for more productive work.”

Using one source of truth also helps your onboarding team see where they need to focus more time and resources to ensure a seamless experience. The client feels confident that the information they see is current, accurate, and aligned with their long-term goals.


Mobile Capabilities

These days, a desk job isn’t limited to a desk at all. People want information while working from their homes, cars, golf courses, and even the grocery store. Research shows that 71 percent of banking customers use online services, and 43 percent rely on a bank’s mobile capabilities. Besides the convenience, customers enjoy the simplicity of a positive online experience. It’s essential to offer a frictionless, reliable onboarding system that customers want with minimal effort.


Reliable Data

We understand how important data is to your fintech business. We rely on data, too! But how can you effectively collect and manage it in ways that enhance the onboarding experience? It’s tempting to request as much information as possible from a new customer, and that feeling of onboarding overwhelm sets the stage for an early exit. 

“Your only job is to get them to do the next thing, then the next thing, then the next thing, so that they get to the point where they have what is called first value delivered or first value achieved, and the time it takes to get them there is the metric called time to first value,” explains marketing expert Lincoln Murphy. “Don’t overwhelm… don’t over deliver. Just deliver.”

An ideal fintech onboarding experience is a customer’s first look at how their banking experience can grow with your company. With GuideCX as the base for your new client’s onboarding experience, you provide services that encourage transparency, offer mobile capabilities, and ensure secure and immediate data exchange, you’ll cash in on a relationship that customers can count on.


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Todd White

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