5 Different Ways to Use a Workflow Software at Your SaaS Company

By Peter Ord
Mar 1, 2022

From healthcare to humanities, nearly every industry is making the switch to digital workflow software. Why? Not only does workflow software save on time and money, but it also provides an easy, readily accessible way to stay organized. 

Though these benefits matter to all kinds of companies, SaaS companies can especially profit from workflow software because of their unique needs. The SaaS industry is almost entirely virtual, making cloud-based data storage a priority. SaaS companies often have many clients to keep track of––each with different questions and requests. Both of these issues can be resolved efficiently through the tools that digital workflow solutions provide.

By taking advantage of digital workflow software, SaaS companies can become more efficient, transparent, and productive to better serve their customers and employees. Read on to learn how SaaS communication, planning, tracking, budgeting, and reporting can all be improved through workflow software tools.



Most work time (anywhere from 50 to 80 percent) is spent on communication. Workflow software can cut down on that time by streamlining communication and eliminating the need for some back-and-forth communication. Digital management tools can transform communication at SaaS businesses by providing better options for internal, external, convoluted, and unnecessary communication.

In the traditional workplace, internal communication can take place practically anywhere. Employees may relay information to each other over text, email, phone, meeting, or casual desk-side chats. Workflow software can help employees streamline their communication processes by providing one universal channel where all kinds of communication can take place. Many project management softwares’ communication platforms can even tell you whether or not the recipient has yet viewed your message. Not only can these tools improve communication accessibility and quality, but they can also eliminate the likelihood of losing important information in long email or text threads when employees leave the company.

Though simplifying internal communication is definitely valuable, improving external communication can be even more critical. Not every workflow software includes extensive client communication tools, but these tools are still important to reducing confusion and improving communication among clients. Involving clients and other external contacts in your workflow software system makes it easier for them to contact you and get the information they need. 

Part of this ease is due to the fact that project status and related information is inherent to the software, eliminating the need for additional updates and communication. By implementing workflow software, communication at your SaaS company will become better than ever before.


Effective planning is essential to success. It helps people to use time efficiently, clarify doubts, and identify and achieve goals. Since so much depends on good planning, the planning process must be easily accessible, creatable, and improvable. Digital workflow software can provide all of these functions to SaaS companies through several different tools. For example, most workflow software programs allow you the option to create a dynamic project plan that can be viewed by all of the necessary stakeholders whenever they want. This level of accessibility is far superior to the traditional document-based project-planning method that severely limits customization and sharing.

With digital workflow software, gone are the days of digging through old reports. Workflow software can be used to instantly view and compare statistics from previous projects. This ability allows for project managers to quickly analyze and prepare needed adjustments in the new project plan to make it more efficient and effective. Another planning function of most workflow softwares is their customizable project templates. Typing up individualized project plans can cost SaaS companies unnecessary time and brainpower, but with reusable templates, this time and energy can be spent on actually carrying out the project. With such a variety of fundamental planning tools available, switching to a digital workflow should be a no-brainer for SaaS companies.


For many SaaS companies, workflow software technologies can also greatly simplify project status tracking. For example, PathologyWatch, a dermatopathology lab specializing in digital pathology workflows, was able to use GUIDEcx’s workflow software to increase transparency and efficiency in several areas. By using digital solutions, PathologyWatch was enabled to view project completion percentages, label tasks, and easily coordinate assignments and deadlines. Without implementing workflow software, PathologyWatch would not have been able to pause projects and return to them without losing any data or progress.


Digital workflow software can do the same thing for your SaaS company. With real-time tracking, you can quickly see project progress and know where to allocate extra time and support during tight deadlines. Without this feature, completing projects on time and giving employees and clients the support they need is much more difficult.

In addition, project tracking helps SaaS companies remain efficient by eliminating the need for extra communication about project status. Workflow software’s detailed project tracking tools make progress report meetings unnecessary, saving your business time and money. Through these advanced project tracking capabilities, workflow software can prove extremely beneficial to SaaS companies.




One of the main reasons that SaaS startups fail is not understanding how much money they need and subsequently failing to conserve their resources. This unfortunate outcome can be a direct result of poor expenditure tracking. While not everyone is a numbers person, anyone can budget successfully through workflow software.

Within most digital workflow softwares, you have the ability to create a project budget. Instead of spending lots of time or money on outside budgeting software or inadequate spreadsheets, a digital workflow allows you to create a detailed budget within your preexisting projects. The project management software can also allow you to easily make budget adjustments as needed, giving your company the flexibility it needs when unexpected situations arise. 

However, the best part about budgeting within digital workflow software is the convenience of easily sharing the budget with involved stakeholders. With easier access to the project budget, employees will be able to better stay within it and help others to do the same. In addition, many workflow softwares also provide the option to restrict access to certain information, so sensitive budget or payment information can be protected. Either way, having the option of flexible budgeting tools is a valuable resource for SaaS companies.



Creating quality reports is key to informing future decisions and promoting transparency within your business, not to mention saving time and money. Although it may involve a lot of data, reporting doesn’t have to be time-consuming or tedious. With workflow software, reporting becomes easier than ever.

Finding the data you need for a report is much easier when you have access to it. Workflow software can save your SaaS company the headache of back-and-forth communication and access issues when trying to access needed data. With this software, all employees and even clients can view the data they need across the whole company, not just their department.

You can also use workflow software to automatically generate reports and gather data. This reporting tool eliminates the need for manual review and calculation—tasks that can take many employees and many hours. In avoiding manual review and number crunching, the likelihood of dishonest reporting also decreases. Though SaaS companies certainly employ stand-up representatives, human error is always a factor that can affect report validity. 

One of the best reasons to use workflow software’s reporting tools is that the reports they generate are usually straightforward and quickly digestible, two qualities that are essential in communicating with clients. SaaS employees may sometimes find it difficult to present highly technical information in a way that clients can understand, but digital workflow software’s automatic reports provide an easy remedy.


 Since digital workflow reporting tools can offer so many benefits to businesses and their clients, they are a great resource for SaaS companies looking to modernize.

For SaaS companies, taking advantage of digital workflow software can be a game-changer. Improving internal and external communication and project planning, tracking, budgeting, and reporting are all made easy through digital solutions. Don’t wait to improve your client and employee relationships through the greater efficiency and transparency that workflow software can provide.

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Peter Ord


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