4 Top Charities to Donate to This Holiday Giving Season
By Belle Ferro
Nov 29, 2021
holiday giving

The holiday giving season and accompanying cold winter months have arrived. And there are dozens of opportunities for companies and their employees to give back to their neighbors in need.

Did you know that giving to others has been scientifically linked to “lower levels of depression and anxiety, improved health and a reduction of stress hormones”? So, what better way to experience an even stronger sense of gratitude and giving this time of year than by donating to an amazing charitable organization.

This year, as a company GuideCX will be donating half of our setup fees collected throughout the month of December to Utah-based Primary Children’s Hospital. Our CEO, Peter Ord, also challenged each employee to seek out individual opportunities to give back this holiday season. 

If you or your organization is planning to donate to a worthy charity near you this season, or even throughout the year, the following are four national charitable organizations to consider. If there is a charity in the vicinity you are considering, look them up on GuideStar for a full report of who they serve and how donations are used.  


Make-A-Wish Foundation

For more than 40 years, Make-A-Wish has been granting wishes for thousands of critically ill children throughout the world. In fact, an average of 10 wishes are granted every day thanks to generous donors. 

Donations to Make-A-Wish can be designated to ill, dream-filled children internationally, nationally, or even within your local region. Some of those wishes include a young girl’s dream to become a figure skater for a day, a young boy’s wish to build a chicken coop mansion for his chicks, and even one boy’s wish to meet Santa Claus.

To learn more and donate, visit wish.org


United Way

One of the largest charitable organizations, the United Way serves 1,800 communities throughout more than 40 countries. The organization is “focused on creating community-based and community-led solutions that strengthen the cornerstones for a good quality of life: education, financial stability and health.” 

The United Way is also often the organizer for many community Sub for Santa programs this time of year. Screening families in need, the program pairs donors with those parents seeking toys, clothing, food, and other necessities during the holiday giving season.

To find your local United Way branch and learn more about their Sub for Santa or other holiday programs, visit unitedway.org


Toys for Tots

For nearly 75 years, Toys for Tots, a national charitable program run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, has been giving toys, books, and more to less fortunate children during the Christmas season. In 2020, Toys for Tots “fulfilled the holiday hopes and dreams of 7.4 million less fortunate children in over 800 communities nationwide.” 

There are more than a dozen different ways to donate to Toys for Tots, including long-term planned giving, employer matching programs, virtual toy boxes, easy online donations, and more. You can even create your own Toys for Tots donation website for peer-to-peer fundraising.

To learn more, visit toysfortots.org


Feeding America

As Feeding America’s website reminds us, “no one can thrive on an empty stomach . . . and 38 million people face hunger in the U.S. — including more than 12 million children.” That revelation is even more shocking as we enter the even more financially difficult winter months. Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the nation, working tirelessly to end hunger. 

Every donation to Feeding America helps feed someone who is hungry. In fact, a donation as small as $1 can help provide at least 10 meals for someone in need. Feeding America also works with companies allowing employees to donate to the charity throughout the year through payroll deductions.

To learn more, visit feedingamerica.org


As you plan out your charitable giving this holiday giving season, consider supporting one of these five well-known charities, or seek out one of the organizations in your own community to ensure those funds and items go toward those in need in your own neighborhood.

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