Catchafire Sees 3X Growth Capacity with GUIDEcx

Feb 13, 2023

In fall of 2021, Catchafire had a realization: Despite all their time and investment, many of their onboarding processes were still manual and not optimized for growth. There was a lot of opportunity to create efficiencies and optimize their processes as they continued to scale. 

Catchafire, a company providing nonprofits with choice, capacity, and wrap-around support so they can achieve their missions, began their search for a platform that would solve their problems. Partnering with nonprofits, volunteers, and funders, it was important to them to have an efficient onboarding process to handle their partnerships. With key values—including ease of use, data reporting capabilities, adaptability, and flexibility—in mind, Catchafire chose GUIDEcx as the solution.

Since the implementation of GUIDEcx, Catchafire has seen increases in their capacity to onboard clients and in their operational efficiency.

GUIDEcx templates, automation, and other features have allowed Catchafire to scale and grow at a faster rate through easier and more simplified processes.

“GUIDEcx has really created a strong foundation for us in terms of how we optimize and scale as we grow on different layers. It has streamlined a lot of our processes and created efficiencies that allow us to scale our work.” 

— Emma Schrager —

Senior Manager of Implementation and Program Operations, Catchafire

GUIDEcx Allows Catchafire to Work ‘Smarter’

Catchafire appreciates the strong foundation that GUIDEcx has created for them in understanding how they are doing internally. Looking at templates allows them to view the project from a zoomed-out lens to see where they are tracking. With GUIDEcx, questions like “Where are we performing strongly?” and “Where are we falling behind, and how do we approach the work differently to fix the issue?” are answered.

GUIDEcx really gave us this home and hub of source of truth that allows us to work smarter with our clients and internally. It gives us an understanding of how we can continue to build upon and optimize what we are already doing as we continue to grow,” says Emma.

Project Manager Capacity has Increased by 3x

Since beginning with GUIDEcx in December 2021, Catchafire has been able to increase their client capacity by 2-3X. Much of this is attributed to templates, automations, and dependencies that standardize processes.

“GUIDEcx has saved us a lot of effort so that we’re not reinventing the wheel with processes that are more standard and repeatable,” says Emma. 

The operational efficiency that has resulted from implementing GUIDEcx allows Catchafire to take on more clients within the same timeframe as before. Where in the past they could only take on about five launches at a time per project manager, they are now seeing project managers handling about 10–15 launches at a time.

GUIDEcx Maximizes Flexibility for Catchafire’s Partners

GUIDEcx’s adaptability and flexibility make it easy to use for Catchafire’s clients. Lizzie Sobel, Implementation Senior Associate at Catchafire, enjoys the ability to leverage the tool in different ways for the different clients they work with.

All of our clients have different needs, and GUIDEcx is adaptable in the way that we can create project plans to mimic their specific needs,” she says. “If we need to alter our plan a bit and add a different task, GUIDEcx allows us to do that. This allows us to better connect with our clients and keep everything organized.”

Additionally, Catchafire notes that GUIDEcx’s customizability helps maintain the human element in their partnerships. “GUIDEcx’s adaptability and customizability play a strength of being able to be flexible to different types of partners so that we’re able to add our own task descriptions and have the task go out with the human element of coming from us,” Emma says. “It really keeps that feel of working with our team and approaching this as a partnership.”

How Can GUIDEcx Provide Solutions for Your Organization?

With GUIDEcx, you can scale more efficiently, track progress toward deadlines, and improve the customer journey, all while maintaining the human element. As the leader in customer onboarding, GUIDEcx provides a new level of insight into your onboarding process. To learn more about how GUIDEcx can address your business needs, schedule a demo with one of our Guides.

To learn more about the latest updates and features recently implemented as part of our Q4 update release, contact your GUIDEcx account manager. New to the GUIDEcx offerings? Take a moment to schedule a demo now.


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