Breaking it Down – Why Simplicity Wins in Client Onboarding – Part 2

By Mark Mitchell
May 15, 2020
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In part one of this blog post we talked about simplifying things for your clients during onboarding by opening up better communication channels and improving accountability. Now we’ll talk about why (and how) to simplify things for your team.

Onboarding processes can be complicated, long, and messy, and without a plan in place you could fall into common traps like going way past a deadline or failing to get clients to their “first win” quick enough for them to see the value. Having a plan is critical to streamline the process, and the right project management software can take that plan to the next level.


The Project View

The first step to an onboarding process is to create the project. If your PM software requires that you do it from scratch every time, you’re wasting valuable time at the start of the project. Creating a template, then having the ability to customize for individual clients’ needs, will jump-start your onboarding. Another key feature in project management software is the ability to see the entire project from start to finish, plus how far along you are with each step, so team members stay on task and the entire onboarding stays on track.


Communication & Reminders

Traditional project management software usually has internal communication tools, but leaves the clients out of the loop. Someone from your team has to manually reach out via email or by phone to keep them informed and to request specific information throughout the process. GUIDEcx actually integrates client communication—they get usernames and passwords and can even login if they would like. You can set up automated reminders and assign tasks that clients need to complete so they get a notification when something is due. They can view and complete tasks through email without ever logging in, so clients who are less tech-savvy or who just don’t want to have another software program to manage can still be accountable and stay on track. Plus you’ll never need to answer an email or call from clients asking “where are we at with onboarding?”


The Roadmap

Everyone who is part of a project can also see the “roadmap”, which shows every step of onboarding, who is assigned (on the client-side and your company side), and the projected date for completion. When everyone knows where you’re going, it’s much easier to get there. Progress bars show when someone’s working on a task, when it’s complete, and how far along you are with each step.

Plus you can see an entire birds-eye view of all your projects, including a timeline view, so you can balance your team’s workload appropriately when you have new clients come on, and set expectations that are achievable.

Simplicity is about helping your team and your clients achieve the outcomes for onboarding by maximizing efficiency and minimizing frustration along the way. The simpler you can make it for everyone, the more likely you can retain great clients and great team members. Find out how GUIDEcx has taken a traditionally broken and complex onboarding process and simplified it for you and your clients by scheduling a demo today.


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