Best Onboarding Strategies for SaaS Customers

By Harris Clarke
Apr 14, 2022
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If you want to build better onboarding and working relationships with new customers, offer them similar tools that they use to appeal to their users. Talk their talk, so to speak.

Adapting your onboarding process to a new client’s area of industry expertise affirms their decision to work with you. By incorporating onboarding tools and strategies that speak to how your new client operates, they will quickly recognize the value you bring to their organization’s goals.

Let’s consider SaaS customers as an example. Onboarding a new SaaS client works best when you offer features that resonate with their industry. Using an internet-based licensing and distribution model to provide applications, SaaS enables users to work from anywhere and with anyone they choose.

Saas is simple. It’s mobile. It’s automated. It plays well with other software, and it points your customer success team in the direction that technology is heading with collaborative capabilities that reinforce transparency and accountability by providing a single source of truth. Coincidentally, it’s also organically designed to streamline new customer onboarding processes, particularly SaaS customers. Here’s how:


Keep It Simple

Confucious once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” And yet many new customer onboarding experiences feel just like that: complicated. 

I’ve never encountered successful onboarding strategies that were difficult or time-consuming for clients to use. In fact, recent research shows that 74 percent of potential clients will go to your competitor if they encounter difficulties with your product or service or if your product’s purpose or value is unclear. 

If your software is robust, highlight the fundamental features, offer easy instructions for use, and proactively share the value of your product to prospective customers. Finally, add automated features for a seamless onboarding experience.


Use Automation

Saas companies are already ahead in the game of simplifying processes through automation. If you hope to build a lasting work relationship, your onboarding process should include automated features that ensure the onboarding process moves along quickly and monitor your customer’s behavior. 

“Not just a month or two, but six months and beyond,” explains marketing expert Swagata Kumar. “Identifying customer trends is important. This will help you predict and proactive customer engagement. When you see indicators of failure, proactively reach out.”

For example, when PathologyWatch, a digital pathology lab services company, realized they couldn’t keep up with customer onboarding by using spreadsheets and emails, implementing a personalized automated onboarding system cut their onboarding process time by two-thirds. 

Onboarding tasks that used to take months now only take weeks to complete, so the PathologyWatch team now has more time to focus on client retention and sales opportunities.


Make It Compatible

Work with existing applications and software. A seamless onboarding process focuses on the pathways that work well for the new customer and fine-tunes the areas that don’t. For instance, around 135,000 companies rely on Hubspot tools to help scale their business. And more than 150,000 businesses use Salesforce. Our onboarding system works well with selected software to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new customers. 

Let’s look at Salesforce as an example: When your sales team marks “Closed Won” in Salesforce, your customer success team can automatically start a GUIDEcx project. 


By integrating Salesforce with your GUIDEcx platform, SF can pull data from GUIDEcx to create detailed reports and sync existing projects in GCX, and any custom fields created in Salesforce can quickly transfer to the GCX dashboard.

The appeal of implementing a seamless new client onboarding process isn’t meant to disrupt existing operations that your teams rely on to do their job. Instead, it works with those systems to simplify workflow and quickly reaffirm the value you bring to the new customer experience.

Be Adaptable

It’s strategic to provide a system that caters to the unique eccentricities of an industry. On a more granular level, relationships depend on how the customer feels. Successful onboarding isn’t limited to what services we offer; it also involves how we deliver them. 

Determine the appropriate onboarding model fit for the customer. Can they handle (and expect) to navigate through onboarding independently? Do they need occasional check-ins? Is this client a high-touch client? The best onboarding experience adapts to the client’s needs.

For instance, Gartner’s research found that 85 percent of customer service interactions will begin with self-service within the next two years. ​​But only 13 percent of customers successfully find resolutions within self-service platforms. Intelligent onboarding management means maintaining regular contact with the new customer to ensure their needs are met, then establishing the frequency and type of communication they desire from you. 

Our onboarding software includes options for a new customer to find project updates, track project time to ensure optimal efficiency, and check on task status. It offers easy ways for the project manager to reach out to the client via text or email or inquire using internal chat within the dashboard. It’s an onboarding platform that allows new customers to access information whenever and wherever they want. It also makes it easy for the project manager to proactively share project updates with stakeholders without writing redundant emails or leaving phone messages. 

SaaS technology’s possibilities for client onboarding, particularly within this industry, are transformative. With its mobility, simplicity, automated options, and compatibility with other software, the choices you have to elevate your onboarding customer experience and reduce customer churn can establish a loyal and engaging relationship with your SaaS clients and all of your valued customers.

GUIDEcx is a SaaS implementation and onboarding platform that makes it easy to:

  • Manage and track projects.
  • Shorten timelines
  • Deliver fast and measurable results.

If you are ready to create a personalized onboarding experience that delivers results faster, start a free trial today. For details, click here

Harris Clarke


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