Auto Industry: Faster Project Management Will Rev Up Your Client Onboarding 
By Todd White
Sep 10, 2021

1.82 seconds. That’s the world’s fastest time for a pit stop in a Formula One race––a huge feat for the auto industry. The Red Bull Pit Crew can lift the race car and change out four tires in less time than it takes most people to adjust their rearview mirror. 

The secret is that every team member knows their job and does it with land-speed-record-breaking speed. They understand that even a few seconds of delay can cost the driver valuable time. Similarly, that need for concise, streamlined, and razor-sharp focus also describes the pressure an auto dealership faces to stay competitive and profitable within a rapidly changing sales environment. 

What was once an in-person, interactive exchange between the salesperson and customer—where the salesperson had the upper hand on price and knowledge of the car—now has the consumer in the driver’s seat. A survey found that 60 percent of consumers are “very likely” to visit a dealership only after researching a vehicle online. That means today’s auto dealerships need a fast response to close sales deals and follow up with customer care. 

At GuideCX, we appreciate an auto dealership’s need for speed. That’s why our client onboarding system offers access to project overviews, automated tasking to keep projects running smoothly, and resource management tools to reinforce a rapid race to the finish line. Here’s how these features can help accelerate your client onboarding experience. 


A Single Platform Speeds Up Project Overview

Transparency is the name of the game in today’s auto industry. To make quick decisions and ensure the onboarding process doesn’t stray off-course, stakeholders, dealers, and other third parties need a single source for a complete project overview. One platform means decision-makers can trust that the details about a project’s timeline and status are current and accurate. 

If they have questions, it’s easy to reach out to other parties via email, text, or directly on the platform for updates. No login is required, and tasks can be updated from a mobile device. 


Automated Tasks and Reminders Keep Teams on Track

With automated task management, project managers can quickly move to the next phase of a project by confirming when a person completes a task then watches as our system automatically moves to the next person (and task) on deck. 

For instance, task management doesn’t require human interaction through email to clarify who should be working on tasks next. When budgets are tight and time is short, that can be a game-changer. Consider a recent survey that found workers spend almost six hours each day checking emails. 


Resource Management Gets the Deal Over the Finish Line

A successful pit crew balances tasks among the team to achieve the ultimate goal: a faster time out of the box. If one team member has too much to do or can’t perform multiple tasks to keep the project on schedule, it slows down the entire process. That’s why resource management tools are essential for optimizing team members’ availability, skill levels, expertise, etc., to make sure resources are well-balanced and best utilized.

“One of the keys to successful IT project management is the ability to establish an estimation of every task’s effort and the time that will need to be invested,” explains Sagi Gidali, a Forbes Technology Council expert panelist. “Having a better understanding of how long certain tasks will take will allow you to better allocate resources inside your team, which boosts productivity.”

Our exclusive time-tracking tool can help the PM and stakeholders analyze which tasks take the most time and use that data for valuable project forecasting and more realistic client estimates. 

“Giving them a full view of the process will help customers feel confident and understand what your team will be doing,” says Harris Clarke, COO at GuideCX. “If customers know all the steps you plan to complete and what they need to deliver, it will also be easier for them to articulate anything that might be missing. That sets you up to provide even more value and create a stronger working relationship.”


By using a project management system designed specifically for optimal client onboarding in the auto industry, your customers will cruise through an efficient project management experience that provides quick results, better transparency, and strategic tools that effectively navigate the twists and turns of managing a new client. Click here to learn more about our new, exclusive resource management and time-tracking tools for better project management.

Todd White

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