Are You Missing This Critical Client Satisfaction Metric in Your Onboarding?

By Todd White
Dec 14, 2020

In the customer onboarding process, there are a lot of things you can and should track, and many of them are very important—for example, how long it takes to complete certain tasks, and how often you meet your onboarding deadlines. There is one thing that companies sometimes miss, not because they don’t want to track and improve it. Most of the time they miss it because they’re simply focused on the wrong thing when making a few important changes could lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention in the long run.


So, what is this important aspect of onboarding? It’s understanding your customer’s desired outcome—not the things they need to do to effectively use your product, but the reason they signed up to use your product in the first place—and doing everything you can to get them to that point as quickly as possible.


It’s Not About You


One of the biggest misconceptions and mistakes with onboarding is treating it like a “checklist” of things that you need to complete to get the customer up and running. There are important steps that every onboarding process must include, but that’s not what should be driving your onboarding process. The important thing to understand is that it’s not about you or your product.


To build onboarding around your customer, you need to know exactly what they hoped to achieve when they signed the contract. After that, you can use all the resources at your disposal to make sure they get to that point.


It’s flipping the script of traditional onboarding from feature-centric to customer-centric. In the former, you’re showing what your software will do. In the latter, you show how features help the client achieve their own goals.


Customizing Every Onboarding Experience


You might be reading this and thinking, “that sounds a lot of work to create a custom onboarding experience for every single customer.” Fortunately, that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult and cumbersome for your team. In fact, with the right customer onboarding software you can achieve what feels like a fully customized experience for every client using a template that you can adjust based on each customer’s needs.


GUIDEcx was designed with a client-centric approach in mind. Each project begins with a basic template that you can customize for each customer’s specific needs.


It’s designed to help your internal team and the customer’s external team see exactly what is happening from start to finish, as well as who owns each part of the process. It automatically creates milestones and completion dates to keep everyone on track and provides frequent status updates to everyone involved. This helps key stakeholders not involved in the implementation process to see what’s going on and keeps everyone in the loop.


It also provides important insight into each project so everyone is able to identify patterns that help you see what contributes to customer loyalty and value in the long term. Knowing this information helps you clear roadblocks that might otherwise slow down time-to-value for clients.


The end result is not just a checklist of teaching someone how to login to your software, but creating users that see value in the product because it’s helping them achieve the specific goals that they know will contribute to success.


Create a Customer-Centric Onboarding Process Today


Start your 14-day free trial of GUIDEcx today to see how easy it can be to shift your onboarding process to a customer-centric one and start measuring and improving what really matters for customer retention.

Todd White


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