Announcing the GUIDEcx + Gainsight Integration

Jan 12, 2023

As part of our commitment to helping people work better together, GUIDEcx is excited to announce our integration with Gainsight. GUIDEcx is proud to be a certified Gainsight integration partner.

This partnership allows you to leverage the power of Gainsight – the leading customer success tool – and GUIDEcx – the best-in-class customer onboarding solution – to streamline the complete customer journey, communicate across teams and automate the process of gauging/managing risk.

The GUIDEcx + Gainsight integration allows Premium and Enterprise users to:

  • Have visibility across the complete onboarding experience
  • Easily assign tasks to CSMs and keep them automatically informed
  • Get early indicators on onboarding health and manage risk with automatic CTAs

 Benefits of this integration include:

GUIDEcx Project View

The GUIDEcx Project View allows you a clear look at all of your onboarding projects in Gainsight C360 including project name(s), active links to projects, forecasted and expected end date, and status. Data fields are customizable to anything available through the GUIDEcx API.

GUIDEcx Reports

Create custom reports within Gainsight to surface onboarding insights to your team.

GUIDEcx Health Score

Receive a standard onboarding score for projects based on forecasts compared to expectations. Leverage your GUIDEcx Health Score as a factor when calculating your Gainsight customer health score for a more holistic view. GUIDEcx health score can be adapted to meet company-specific requirements.


CTA Gainsight

Create CTAs that are tied to GUIDEcx Health Scores to surface critical alerts and recommend actions to CSMs.

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