4 Essential Customer Onboarding Features

By Harris Clarke
Jan 20, 2022
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Are you looking into leveling up your implementations with new customer onboarding features? Here are some options that can help you be more successful and reduce churn. 


White Labeling

Your customers need to know who they’re working with, right? If you have a platform that doesn’t allow for white labeling, it can be a confusing experience for your customer. 

What is white labeling? 

It’s when the customer onboarding platform you’re using allows for you to remove their brand and add your own. This makes the platform look like your company operates it.

White labeling not only allows for a seamless and company-branded look and feel to your onboarding process, but it is also further proof of your capabilities as an established, growing company.


Automated Communication

Phones calls and lengthy email reminders and checkups can be time wasters and slow down onboarding projects. Look for an automated communication feature. Different onboarding platforms will have different ideas of what that entails, but any automated communication will save you time and move things along faster. 

If you want to get even more advanced, some platforms allow for customized notifications. For example, if you’re sending a welcome email to individuals on a team to introduce the onboarding manager and provide resources for the process, you can customize the email to greet the customer with their first name. This adds a personal touch while saving time, especially when you’re sending the same notification to multiple people. 


Advanced Reporting

Customer onboarding impacts revenue. Your customer adoption rate, churn rate, onboard completion rate, etc., are essential metrics to measure if you’re completing a lot of onboarding projects.

Any sort of advanced reporting on your onboarding processes that can help you identify bottlenecks will make a difference. What tasks are taking the longest? Which onboarding managers or project managers are completing the most projects? And how fast? 

When getting into the nitty gritty of onboarding and project management, these things make a difference with revenue, internal efforts, and external results.



Tags for Categorization

Because onboarding impacts revenue, another essential customer onboarding feature is tags. Different softwares may have different names for what these are, but here’s the basic function:

Tags allow you to label and categorize tasks and onboarding projects. This can be helpful if you’re trying to compare different industries, sizes of companies, or different product onboarding processes. They’re also usually a free feature that’s included in most customer onboarding solutions. 


Bonus Feature: Unlimited Guests and Contributors

Most SaaS onboarding platforms have limits on how many people can join the onboarding project before they charge extra. 

As  Brook’s law reminds us, one goal of client onboarding is to be as transparent as possible. Involving the client and giving them a space to at least see what’s going on with their onboarding process will increase their trust in you. 


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Harris Clarke


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