3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression with Onboarding

By Todd White
Apr 17, 2020

The deal is signed, the client and your sales team are both excited about the potential for your product to improve their business, and now it’s time for your client onboarding team to take over. Client onboarding is one of those make-or-break functions within a company because it’s the time that you can make a good first impression. Unfortunately, too many companies spend a lot of time and money on customer acquisition (which is still important) but fail to invest as much effort in the onboarding, and all that effort to land a new client is wasted when they decide to go with a competitor as soon as their contract expires.

Instead, structure your onboarding so it wows the client as much as your product demos did during the sales process, and set them up for success in the long term.

Have a Plan (and a Schedule)

The first step in a successful onboarding process is to have a process, and not just one that someone from your team has in their head. An actual written-down process that you can follow every time gives you something you can show the client so they know what to expect. To impress them even more, show them the schedule of when you will complete each part of the onboarding process so they know when they will be ready to go live with your product. Both of these things are critically important if your onboarding process is particularly long or complex, because you need to keep clients engaged through the entire thing.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

One of the primary reasons that companies cite for being unhappy with onboarding (and potentially for leaving your company to go to a competitor later) is a lack of communication during the process. That can feel frustrating on your end if you know your team is working really hard to deliver, but if you’re not communicating well with the client, they cannot see all the hard work.

The challenge for companies without the right client onboarding software is that extra communication takes extra work. Someone from your team has to compile status reports and send them via email to the client at regular intervals. If you need something from the client, you request that via email and hope they respond in a timely manner so your process isn’t delayed. A better option is to have an onboarding software platform that allows your clients to see the schedule, tasks, and progress in real-time.

Deliver on Time

One of the best ways to impress your clients during onboarding is to deliver on time (or early) according to the schedule you gave. That means you and your team need to be ready to go when the client signs a contract, and everyone needs to stay on top of tasks throughout the process. Clients who use the GUIDEcx platform are able to reduce total onboarding time by 30% with the templates, tools, reporting, and transparency in the platform.

Find out more about how our software can help your team impress new customers during onboarding today, and build long-term happy clients.

Todd White


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