Time Is the New Currency: 3 Tips for Expediting Onboarding

Time is money. Speed is currency. Velocity is competitive advantage.

No matter how you phrase it, you can’t deny that preserving time and resources lets you do more with less. Increasing efficiency lets you book more business, provide a better experience for your customer and ensures you’ll outpace your competition.

The customer onboarding process is an area where many companies lose valuable time. If your implementation process is bogging you down and resulting in a less-than-satisfactory experience for your customers, it’s time to address the problem.

No. 1: Automate Processes

Despite what you may have been told your entire life, working hard does not guarantee competitive outcomes – working smart does.

If you’re manually replicating the same processes, again and again, it’s costing your company dearly in lost resources – not to mention how much it’s demotivating and de-engaging your team.

Improve your efficiency by standardizing and automating every process you can without degrading your level of service. What you’ll likely discover is that you can actually improve the customer experience through automation of onboarding and implementation tasks.

No. 2: Increase Engagement

The onboarding process is – or should be – highly collaborative. Effective communication and interaction are critical. When you increase engagement among your team, your customer and any external stakeholders, you create a synergy and increased level of commitment.

In today’s performance-based market, increasing engagement decreases friction. It also decreases the time to fruition for the customer. If you can improve engagement in the implementation process, you can provide a synergistic, frictionless experience. You’ll look like a hero and your customer will reap the benefits of your product or service that much sooner.

No. 3: Clarify Expectations

Ambiguity can create a lack of understanding on the part of your customer. Clarifying the expectations and accountability in the onboarding process is critical for expediting the processes and information exchange necessary for implementation.

Your customer already has too many demands on their time. And, although they made the choice to purchase your product or service, they likely had no true understanding of what the onboarding process would involve – this isn’t something the sales rep was anxious to detail during the pitch.

When you can give them an intuitive, visual guide to who needs to do what, you immediately set the right expectations. And, when someone fails to meet their deadlines, that will be abundantly clear as well.

Providing regular updates and a way to see the implementation project’s progress is another effective way to keep everyone on the same page, with a realistic expectation of how the project is going.

The GuideCX client-facing project management software platform enables you to dramatically enhance web-enabled human capital while engineering a more user-friendly experience for your customers. Use templates to replicate and automate your processes. Automate communication to provide updates and stay in touch with – and create accountability among – your customer’s team and other key project stakeholders.

Contact us today to learn more about how GuideCX can help you expedite the onboarding process while improving the experience and the outcomes.

Peter Ord