The Secret to Customer Engagement

I had the unique experience of attending a river rafting trip with a scout troop 2 years ago.  We were led down the river by experienced guides who did 3 things to put our nerves at ease.


1. Educated us on the experience to come.

2. Clearly outlined challenges past groups were met with while in the rapids giving us a proper perspective.

3. Reassured us that they were prepared and properly trained for any situation that we may face but would require our cooperation to get through it.

Our guides had a methodical approach which they were serious about.  This instilled a great deal of confidence in me and the scouts around me.  They painted a crystal-clear picture of what it would take to arrive at the finish line unscathed.=

I’ve often compared this experience to guiding new customers through the journey of a product or service they just purchased.

Do your Implementations Reps, Customer Success Managers, or Onboarding specialists take the time to thoughtfully educate your new customers on the experience to come, give them a proper perspective, and help them understand the importance of their cooperation?

Do you enable Implementation Reps, Customer Success Managers, or Onboarding Specialist with a technology platform that is capable of reassuring your customers that your team knows what they are doing? Or; do you rely on email and phone correspondence to keep everyone on the same page?

Focus on utilizing a technology platform to win the first 30 days of your customer experience and you will find that Customer Engagement will skyrocket!

Customers will trust you more because you are transparent, easy to do business with, and value their time.


*If you are looking for a platform that’s capable of all of the above and more, request a demo from us or simply chat with us through the bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  GuideCX focuses on helping companies streamline their implementation experience by offering greater transparency, accountability, and engagement for all parties that participate in launching products and services.  Introduce your customers to a more refined customer experience!

Peter Ord