The Sales to Onboarding Handoff: Tips for Smooth Transitions – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post, we discussed the importance of a smooth handoff from sales to customer onboarding, and how setting expectations, meeting together and having a specific process in place can help you make a good first impression with new clients. Now we’ll talk about a few more tips that can help you stand out during the sales-to-onboarding transition phase for clients.


Tip 3: Keep Communication Open

One of the easiest ways to “drop the baton” during transition is just a lack of communication between teams. Once the sales team closes a deal, is there a clear and consistent way for them to hand clients to the onboarding team? A “system” that includes emails, watercooler conversations, and post-it notes are prone to mistakes. Instead, you need a platform that allows all members of a team to clearly communicate and launch a systematic onboarding process for every client who joins. Having this level of accountability for everyone on the project to see also decreases the chance of missing something along the way.


Tip 4: Set the Right Goals

Another important thing to examine is whether your sales goals and onboarding or customer success goals are aligned. If sales goals are only focused on volume and don’t address retention, you could be setting up the onboarding and retention teams for problems when sales bring in clients that are not a good fit for your products or services. Since their goals are focused only on new client volume, there is a disincentive to filter out clients whose needs you cannot meet with your product. Similarly, if customer retention goals are about keeping a certain percentage of clients, there’s a disincentive to work with those who are unhappy (they will just refund unhappy clients and move on).

Instead, develop goals that create an incentive for sales to find the qualified leads who are likely to be a good fit so the onboarding process goes smoothly with clients who are more likely to purchase additional products and services, and stick around for the long term.


Tip 5: Use Technology to Your Advantage

We have so many tech tools at our disposal these days, but when you have multiple databases, CRM systems, and communication tools it can be easy to get lost. These products are supposed to make life easier, but navigating between systems can actually make it more complicated. Find a technology platform that allows you to communicate each client’s goals clearly by sharing information from the sales process with the onboarding team.


Find Out How GuideCX Can Help with a Smooth Transition

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Harris Clarke