The Right SaaS Platform Can Help Your Company Lead on B2B Customer Experience – Part 2

You know that customer experience is a big deal, but why does it seem that only B2C companies have really grasped the importance of mastering CX? For B2B companies, the abysmal ratings they get in the customer experience arena are frustrating, but also represent a good opportunity to differentiate from the competition if you can figure out how to get it right.

That’s where SaaS platforms come in – the right tools can help you effectively manage your CX from start to finish and give you the edge in keeping your clients happy (and probably keeping them for the long-term too). Here are three more things that a SaaS platform needs to create better B2B customer experiences:

Task Management

Everyone on the team has an important role to fulfill, but how often have you had team members during the onboarding process who were confused about what they should be doing and when? If you don’t have a process with clear task management and team member accountability, things can fall through the cracks and team members can miss deadlines. That doesn’t leave a good impression on your new clients, and certainly doesn’t help with CX. Find a SaaS platform that gives you the ability to manage everything from high-level timelines and deliverables to the smallest details and individual tasks so everyone knows what’s going on, what they are responsible for, and when it’s due.

Ongoing Customer Engagement

When you use the right tools to get clients onboarded, you lay the groundwork for long-term relationships. That means you need ways to continue to communicate with those clients to keep them engaged. After all, a satisfied customer is far more likely to purchase again, or to engage in cross-buying or purchasing additional services from you in the future. Having tools to keep them engaged and happy can help retain customers for many years to come.

Reporting and Measurement

Finally, your SaaS platform needs to have ways that you can prove your value to clients. Robust reporting and measurement tools show your clients what you accomplished in the onboarding process, and help them identify how quickly they will see the ROI in the products or services you offer.

Improve Your B2B CX Today

Regardless of whether you sell directly to customers or you sell to businesses, the end-user of your products and services is your client, and they expect and deserve a quality experience from start to finish. Guide CX can help you separate yourself from the pack and create a customer experience that will build lasting relationships and loyalty. Find out how by scheduling a demo of the platform today.

Peter Ord