Applying Customer Feedback and Supporting Customers Always Pays Off

We love when our prospects do their homework by calling/emailing our existing customers. One of our prospects decided to do a bit more due diligence. They asked us for list of 20 customers, then reached out to 5. This was one of the 5 responses from Nancy at App-Garden that got forwarded along to me.

My favorite comment by Nancy… “One of our products typically takes 6 weeks to go through the entire implementation.  We are now doing it in four weeks or less.”

Thanks for your business Nancy!

Reference questions:

In what capacity are you using beynd? Who is your target audience for onboarding? What is the duration of your onboarding project? How many collaborators are involved in the onboarding process?  

We are using GuideCX to implement software to school districts.  We are usually working with department directors.  We have typically 5-6 collaborators involved. 

How many projects have you completed using GuideCX as your onboarding software?  

We have completed 2 projects but have 11 projects in process.

How do your clients receive the GuideCX interface for their project management? Does their level of engagement with the software meet your expectations?  

My clients receive emails through beynd and it has absolutely met my expectations.  My first client was tech savvy and helped us a lot by giving feedback and helping us tweak our templates.  She loved using this software.  My next client was not so tech savvy and she had no problems navigating through the process. 

Did implementing this vendor/solution help to reduce the time your collaborators were spending weekly managing the onboarding? Was there an overall reduction in the average time it takes to onboard a new client?  

It has absolutely saved us so much time and with the ability to better communicate with our clients.  We are fairly early in the process but it seems like it is reducing the average time.  One of our products typically takes 6 weeks to go through the entire implementation.  We are now doing it in four weeks or less.

Did implementing this vendor/solution allow you to manage more onboarding projects simultaneously?  

Absolutely!!  I believe we will be able to implement far more projects with the same number of employees.  Because GuideCX keeps us on target with emails we don’t have to constantly look to see if we need to communicate so there is no lag time between us doing a task and the customer doing a task.  

What positive feedback have you received from your clients pertaining to GuideCX?  

I have received nothing but positive feedback.  I was a little worried because we deal with folks who are not real technical, they actually find this to be easier because if they choose they can work from the email that comes out of beynd.

What negative feedback have you received from your clients pertaining to GuideCX?  

I’m sure we will get negative feedback at some point but so far with the 11 projects we have going on we have had no negative feedback.

What do you see as the greatest strength of GuideCX? Where does it really shine?  

Ease of use and the fact that beynd listens to their customers.  They are growing the product very quickly and definitely considering our suggestions.

Why did you select this vendor/solution over others?  

We actually purchased sales software from a company that used beynd.  Our sales manager loved the process and mentioned it to me, I demoed and liked it so we really did not look at other vendors.

What other vendor(s)/solution(s) were you considering prior to purchasing GuideCX?  

We were not actively searching.  We were using WRIKE but through the experience mentioned above we liked beynd well enough to switch over.

How well has the vendor/solution met your expectations and requirements?  

They have gone well beyond our expectations.

Describe your relationship with the vendor. Do you consider them a partner in your success? Why or why not?  

They are absolutely a partner.  I say this because they are listening to us and making our process so much better.

What one piece of advice did you wish you knew before moving forward?  

I really had everything I needed because of their excellent support.

Would you select this vendor/solution again knowing what you know today? Why or why not?  

100% yes.  I’ve worked with a lot of software vendors and we are a software business ourselves.  They have our same philosophy of doing what it takes for the client.

Is there anything you wish I had asked? If yes, what?  

You’ve done a great job.  I cannot imagine that you will not have a better process by using GuideCX.  If you email me back that you made a poor decision going with GuideCX I will be in disbelief. 

Peter Ord